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Working out at the Canine Gym

We’re getting ready to tread on the DogTread treadmills to warm ...

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Tips for Finding the Best Dog Treadmill

When it comes to helping your dog (and you) live longer experts agree...

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DogTread Dog Treadmill with Kerry Fisher DVM CCRP

Murphy’s Ready to Tread

Have you thought of helping your dog Get Fit by using a Dog Treadmill...

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DogTread Treadmill Gait4Dog Dr Kerry Fisher Golden Colorado Mercy Works Out

Mercy’s DogTread Gaiting Update

———————Mercy Works out at ...

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Riley GaitsFeatured

Riley’s Gaiting Update

Riley Gaits at Canine Rehab-Canine Fitness in Golden, CO We met Riley ...

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Hunter GaitingDogTreadFeatured

Hunter’s First Gaiting

Dogs Weight Pull? Serious Conditioning, Self-Confidence & Injury ...

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Dr Kerry Fisher opens Canine Gym in Golden Colorado with DogTread Dog Tread and FitPAWS equipmentmills


It’s Official. Canine Rehab ~ Canine Fitness is Unleashed! Set a De...

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Combine Obedience and Exercise for a Stronger Bond

Challenges such as weight control and increasing exercise are not excl...

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Cooper Finds his Forever Home

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Can big dog’s who’ve lost their hip joint f...

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