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DogTread Blog Kerry Fisher DVM

Helping Lucy’s Pain

Treadmill Workouts are Great for Laggers & Leash Pullers —&#...

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Blind dogs can exercise safely with the DogTread Treadmill

Canine Fitness Workout for Blind Dogs

  Blind dogs can exercise safely with the DogTread Treadmill Zeu...

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Jazz – Achilles Rehab – Part III

Dr. Kerry Fisher – Jazz – Achilles Rehab How to Strengthen...

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Keep Your Dog Cool and Fit - Beat The Heat

How to Beat the Heat and Keep Your Dog Fit

Dogs need exercise – even when it is hot. So how can you keep yo...

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Dog Tread Blog by Kerry Fisher

Jazz – Achilles Rehab – Part II

Jazz Learns a New Language & Dynamic Movement Jazz is learning a n...

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Use K9FITvest for SPIN warm up Exercise

Warm Up Exercise – SPIN

Spin is a great way to warm up the body, increase flexibility and at t...

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Achilles Tendinosos Rehab with Dog Treadmill

DogTread Treadmill work rounds out Jazz’s Canine Rehabilitation Plan...

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K9 Cross Training

In the human world the term “cross-training” is used quite often t...

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Exercise Blog For Growing Puppies by Anthony Worener DogTread Canine Coach

Puppy Exercises

The common opinion among Veterinarians and Rehab professionals is that...

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