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K9FITvest® Dog Fitness Vest

K9FITvest by CanineGym Gear DogTreadK9FITvest® Exercise Sport Vest

Starter Kit Includes: Sport Vest, Weights and Exercise Program The First Exercise Weighted Vest Just for Dogs! Increase Intensity and Reduce Exercise Time with our Gravity Enhanced K9FITvest. Designed to hug your dogs body the innovative sport vest can be worn during any activity that your dog enjoys. Simply put it on and start moving to improve strength, speed, performance, and body awareness.   See K9FITvest FAQs         



(Watch Video) K9FITvest is designed to fit like a second skin, snug but comfortable. It should not be loose. Follow these guidelines for best fit. If your dog’s girth is slightly bigger than the corresponding size requirements for weight – Size down. K9FITvest Size Guidelines

  4-in-1 Vest
DogTread K9FITvest Info


Resistance, Cooling, Calming & Safety

The FUNctional canine exercise vest that lets your dog do more! K9FITvest® is the only fitness sports apparel for dogs. The 4-in-1 design makes it easy to incorporate resistance training, cooling relief, calming sensory integration and safety into any of your dog’s activities. The K9FITvest is designed to accommodate three levels of weights and cooling gel packs. Level 1 weights are sold with vest; Level 2 and 3 are sold separately. Gel Packs are Sold Separately and designed specifically for the K9FITvest *Patent Pending


Fitness Levels
K9_Vest_level1 LEVEL 1 - INCLUDED in K9FITvest Starter Kit Recommended starting point for all dogs. Level 1 Weights are Included with K9FITvest Starter Kit. Ensure your dog is in good health before beginning this or any exercise program. Level 1 weights are included with your Starter Kit. But should you need a replacement you can order it here. Low level weights are a great starting point for all dogs, regardless of fitness level to allow dogs to gradually enhance fitness without overloading. Refer to K9FITvest Exercises to Get Started K9_Vest_level2 LEVEL 2 SOLD SEPARATELY For healthy dogs that are active 3-5 days a week and must have completed Fitness Level 1 Program. Dogs starting this level should be using Fitness Level 1 at least 3 times a week (every other day for at least 20-30 minutes) for at least 4-6 weeks. Level 2 Weights are to be purchased separately and used with the K9FITvest. You do not need to buy another K9FITvest. Refer to K9FITvest Exercises to Get Started   K9_Vest_level3 LEVEL 3Customized for Professional Use Only For healthy dogs that are active at least 4-6 days per week and that have completed Fitness Level 2 Program. Must call for consultation to receive 801-866-3955. Dogs starting this level should be using Fitness Level 2 at least 3 times a week (every other day for at least 30 minutes) for 4-6 weeks.

NOW Available in BLUE!

K9FITvest_COOLING_GelClick Here to Order K9FITvest Cool Vest


Price: $69.99

USA Shipping only – Special Rates apply to Alaska and Hawaii – call for quote – 877.563-5151


COOL PACKS (to add to K9FItvest)LEVEL 2 WEIGHTS  | K9FITvest Cool Vest




DogTread CanineGym App by Slim DoggyWhat is the K9FITvest®

Resistance, Cooling, Calming, Safety

In three words – Fun. Wearable. Fitness. The only FUNctional canine fitness apparel that lets your dog do more! K9FITvest® is four vests in one. Walk, run, chase, or fetch. Whatever your dog does, the K9FITvest® was designed to do it too! Now its easy to incorporate gradual therapeutic resistance training, cooling, calming sensory integration and safety into all of your dog’s activities.  USED & RECOMMENDED BY CANINE PROFESSIONALS our stair-step resistance training program helps direct gradual and progressive strengthening of a dog’s body from the inside out. Great for companion pets, as well as canine athletes. – Increase Exercise Intensity, Decrease Workout Time – Gravity Enhanced, Boosts Calorie Burn – Body Conforming, Does Not Restrict Movement; No Shifting, Sliding or Chafing – Weighted Compression Improves Focus, Relieves Anxiety – Progressive, Gradual Resistance Training Program – Improve Strength, Speed, Performance and Body Awareness – Low Level Therapeutic Resistance for Dry Land and Hydro Therapy Rehab Options – Recommended and Used by Veterinarians, Canine Rehab Therapists/Practitioners, and Sport Dog Trainers/Coaches - LEVEL 2 weights  SOLD SEPARATELY *DogTread Canine Gym App Included with Purchase (promotional time only)read more about Canine Gym APP

Use Notice:

We highly recommend starting your dog at Level 1. Increase to Level 2 only when your dog is ready to avoid injury. K9FITvest was designed to add resistance to your dogs daily activity in a safe and effective manner. It is not designed to be worn for long periods of time or if left unattended. Start with 5-10 minutes and build up to 30 minutes by adding just a few minutes every other day.

Care Instructions

Remove weights, Delicate wash or hand wash light detergent – lay flat to dry.


:Before beginning this or any physical activity with your dog, ensure he or she is in good health. A trip to your Vet is a great way to start off on the right paw and reduce risk of injury.