About Us

DogTread was created to provide the best dog breed information and guide on dog nutrition, health, fitness, and training, to help dog owners raise their puppies to adulthood.

Our aim is to give you the right information you need to raise your pawsome friends the best way possible and ensure that you and your dog make the most of your long, healthy, and happy life.

Don’t worry, you are in the right place. Our editorial team comprises vets, dog behaviorists, dog trainers, and nutritional and welfare experts, with decades worth of experience.

Editorial Team


Robert Miller

Robert Miller is a dog behaviorist and professional dog trainer. With more than eight years of hands-on experience in the field, Robert relishes sharing his vast knowledge to help prospective pet parents choose the right dog breeds that suit their lifestyle and provide dog owners with the information they need to ensure they raise a well-behaved canine companion.


Emma Harris

Emma Harris has been a veterinary care assistant and a dog writer for over six years. She is a passionate dog lover who believes in treating all animals with kindness. Emma puts her experience with animals (especially dogs) into writing by discussing topics that act as go-to guides to dog nutrition, health, and care.