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How much time will it take to train my dog to run on a treadmill? Can I just use a human treadmill? What if my dog won’t use a dog treadmill? What size is right for my dog? Before you consider buying a DogTread® get your questions answered on our FAQs page

Why a DogTread?

DogTread_HealthGood Health: Maintain good health for your dog. Strive to achieve a tucked abdomen no sagging stomach, easily felt ribs, and visible waistline when viewed from  above.  The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention has announced that over 50% of dogs are overweight or obese. While extra pounds may look cute, they lead to a number of health issues and diseases including Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Kidney Disease, Various forms of Cancer, Osteoarthritis and sadly a Decreased Life Expectancy of up to 2.5 years.

DogTread_BehaviorGood Behavior: Reduce aggressive behavior like leash pulling and excessive barking with consistent exercise. A great many dog behavior problems are caused in whole or part by one thing – not enough exercise.   The World’s Best Trainers prescribe exercise to many of their clients before working on behavior challenges. The DogTread provides a controlled and positive environment for you to work with your dog.

DogTread_wel-beingWell-being:  Help establish purpose in your dogs life with a regular endorphin releasing routine that is good for mental stability. 52% of Dogs are left home indoors everyday.  This sedentary lifestyle is no picnic for your dog. As natural herders, guardians and  hunters exercise adds purpose to their lives. But to act good and feel good the exercise must be performed with intensity and regularity to release their feel-good endorphins. DogTread enables you to control the workout to help your dog get the most out of each workout.