20 Best Dog Exercise Equipment (Physical & Mental Fitness)

There are several benefits of exercise for dogs as it is to humans, perhaps more so.

Some people can go without exercise for a while, but do not take that liberty with your dog, even if the said dog isn’t energetic.

Lack of exercise has a lot of downsides for dogs, and as such, it can be classified as a core need alongside feeding and healthcare.

Exercise helps a dog maintain an ideal weight, joint health, the digestive system, and even the urinary system. Exercise also improves mental and emotional health.[1]

With this in mind, we present 20 of the best dog exercise equipment that will enrich your dog’s workout experience.

Canine exercise goes beyond walking, jogging, and playing fetch.

This equipment can help you exercise your pooch and keep them physically and mentally fit, even when you can’t go outdoors.

The Best Dog Exercise Equipment

1. PETSAFE Ricochet Dog Toy

PETSAFE Ricochet Dog Toy

The first toy on our list, the Ricochet’s first good quality is its interactive nature.

Your dog is less likely to get bored with a squeaky ball toy that bounces, encouraging your dog to go on a pursuit.

Ricochet is a toy that improves both your dog’s physical and mental health. Its range goes up to 30 feet. 

Another good quality of the Ricochet is its soft nature. A dog can pick it up with ease and you wouldn’t be worried about injury.

The toy is also self-preserving as it automatically shut off after 60 minutes. This helps keep the battery life longer.


  • Interactive toy, which would not get your dog bored
  • Perfect for the indoors
  • Self-preserving, which makes it last longer
  • Beneficial for both mental and physical health


  • Too large for small dogs
  • Some dogs are scared of the squeak

2. GOPET Treadwheel

GoPet Treadwheel for Small Dogs

The GOPET Treadwheel can be likened to the wheel that hamsters stay in, except in this case it is for canines.

Its first advantage is that it gives some degree of control to your dog, giving it the freedom to move at its own pace.

GOPET doesn’t depend on electricity to function, another good attribute.

It is especially beneficial for busy people as your dog can use it with little to no work from you.

There are different size options, so you can get it from both a small dog and a medium/large dog.


  • Comes with a door that secures the dog
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes
  • Doesn’t consume electricity


  • Some dogs are scared of using it
  • Expensive

3. dogPACER LF 3.1 Dog Pacer Treadmill

dogPACER Treadmill 3.1

The dogPACER is one of the best dog treadmills on the market and is a perfect fit for dogs that are highly energetic and prone to boredom.

It is shaped like a human treadmill, and its solid build can handle dogs up to 180 pounds. Large dogs are not exempted from using it. 

This treadmill was made with your dog’s safety in mind, as the side rails positioned on both sides keep it from falling off.

The treadmill is designed to fit indoors, so you wouldn’t feel like it’s hard to have it in your home. The dogPACER is a good alternative when you can’t go outdoors.


  • Quiet operation makes it suitable for anxious dogs
  • Safe to use
  • Ensures your dog gets exercise every day, even when you can’t go outdoors


  • Expensive
  • May not be the best option for dogs suffering from arthritis

4. Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball

Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball

The best part about the Starmark Treat is…well…the treat! This dispensing chew ball puts more flavor to a game of catch by rewarding your pooch each time it plays.

Boredom can’t be an issue when each playtime is an opportunity to get a bonus treat.

Once you fill it up with the treats, expect long hours of play. Its bouncy nature gives the dog a lot of jobs to do, and it is long-lasting due to its rubber material.

It is available in medium and large sizes, making it suitable for dogs of medium and large sizes. 


  • Both mentally and physically challenging
  • Long-lasting
  • Rewards the dog with treats, ensuring it doesn’t get bored


  • Though long-lasting, it is not suitable for baby chewers
  • Some dogs don’t like the texture

5. Pet Qwerks Blinky Babble Ball 

Pet Qwerks Blinky Babble Ball Flashing Interactive Chew Toy for Large Dogs

Babble ball is another interactive toy on our list. It uses both light and sound to keep your dog curious, and a few minutes of play can turn into hours as the dog keeps experimenting with it.

Many pooches easily fall in love with the babble ball. 

The light is motion activated, and the ball comes with 18 different sounds for your dog’s entertainment.

It is good for chewers as it can withstand that, and it is good for indoors.

Though you need to supervise while your dog plays with the ball, the latter doesn’t require any effort from you.


  • Long-lasting
  • Interactive nature keeps the dog entertained
  • Can withstand chewing


  • You may not like the sounds
  • May not be suitable for anxious dogs

6. PAW5: Wooly Snuffle Mat

PAW5 Wooly Snuffle Dog Feeding Mat

The PAW5 engages your dog’s smell and thinking. As the name implies, PAW5 is a mat in which you can hide treats for your dog to search.

Dogs with large appetites would benefit from this snuffle mat, and feeding can be fun. 

The enjoyable part of the PAW5 wooly snuffle mat is how it plays on the dog’s primal instinct of foraging.

This is especially beneficial if the dog is a digger. The snuffle mat is washable as well, and it is suitable for dogs of all sizes. 


  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes
  • Recommended for senior dogs


  • Poor choice for heavy chewers

7. Hyper Pet Doggie Tail

Hyper Pet Doggie Tail

The Hyper Pet Doggie Tail acts like a living animal, and it makes similar sounds like barking and wiggling.

Because it acts and makes a sound like a dog, it is well designed for playtime. It serves to make your dog curious, and it is designed to curb boredom. 

Hyper Pet operates with a battery and also vibrates to add extra fun. It looks like a prey too, igniting the dog’s prey drive.

It has an on/off switch to preserve the battery, and the crinkly material is entertaining.

Hyper Pet comes in two designs: The first looks like a puppy tail and the second is an adorable furry.


  • Mentally stimulating, as well as physical
  • Interactive toy
  • Battery can be preserved


  • Suitable for heavy chewers

8. The Classic KONG Dog Toy

KONG - Classic Dog Toy

The classic KONG is a classic toy, indeed. This is a chew toy that holds treats and even bounces, a good tool for a game of fetch.

What’s more, the classic KONG is made in the United States and is good for puppies just as much as adults. 

The classic KONG can withstand chewing, yet isn’t too hard as to injure the dog’s teeth and gums.

It is easy to clean as well, and it has different chew strengths that range between puppies and tough adults.

This shouldn’t be thrown around the house, however, as it might scrape the wall. 


  • Filled with treats
  • Can withstand heavy chewing
  • Easy to clean


  • Might be hard to pick the right ball that fits your dog’s chew strengths

9. Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball

Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball

PetZone IQ is another treat dispenser that drops treats as it rolls, and it is designed to be more challenging than many other treat dispensers.

Rather than simply giving a treat when the dog chews, PetZone IQ makes the dog think as it tries to get the treat out.

Because it is also a ball, it offers both physical and mental exercise.

The IQ in the name is also a promise that PetZone will make your dog smarter. You can adjust difficulty levels as the dog learns more to avoid the boredom that often sets in with toys like this.

You should supervise your dog while it plays with the toy, but you don’t need to exert yourself.


  • Challenging to get your dog mentally stimulated
  • Long-lasting
  • Suitable for dog breeds of different sizes


  • You may not like the noise
  • Not advisable for toy dogs

10. IDOGMATE Ball Launcher

IDOGMATE Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

Tired of throwing balls for your dog to fetch? The IDOGMATE ball launcher will do the job for you!

It is designed specifically for big dogs, and it can launch a ball up to 40 feet!

Your dog can learn how to operate the ball launcher by itself, saving you more energy. It also has a remote.

Another advantage of this ball launcher is the plastic design that can easily be cleaned, and because of its height, dogs can use it with ease.

There’s a caveat, however. The only balls that can be used with this ball launcher are the IDOGMATE-approved balls.


  • Can be easily used
  • Designed for big dogs
  • Ball launcher can be easily cleaned


  • Smart dogs can end up stealing the ball before it gets launched

11. Playball by Couch Potato

Felix & Fido Playball! Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs

Playball is a ball launcher similar to IDOGMATE but targeted toward small dogs rather than the bigger ones.

It launches tennis balls that the dog can then pursue. You can teach the dog to use the Couch potato’s playball, so you wouldn’t get tired if your dog wants more fetch games.

Playball can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it a very versatile toy. It also has different distance settings for you to choose from.

None of the settings will make the dog go too far, so your small pooch won’t be exhausted.


  • Design is sturdy
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Good for small dogs


  • Not suitable for bigger dogs
  • You may not like the ball quality

12. PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher

PetSafe Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher

The third ball launcher on our list, the PetSafe Automatic can throw balls repeatedly, saving you the exertion of doing it yourself.

Like other ball launchers, you can train your dog to operate this product by itself. 

PetSafe comes with a timer that enables you to regulate the time your dog spends playing.

The angle range is between 8 and 30 feet, and it can be used both indoors and outdoors. PetSafe is water resistant, which makes it easy to clean. 


  • Suitable for both small and large dogs
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to use


  • Some dogs don’t like the sound
  • The distance seems to get short over time

13. iDig Digging Toy by iFetch

iDig Digging Toy by iFetch

A toy that’s very suitable for diggers, iDig is meant to be the solution if your dog tends to display its restlessness or boredom by digging holes in the backyard (and your couch).

This toy functions as a game of hide and seek. You hide the treats within and the dog takes on the challenge of digging them out. 

The fabrics can be machine washed, making them always clean. IDig comes in two variants: iDig Go and iDig Stay.

Whichever one you decide to get, your dog is in for a challenge. 


  • Helps to channel your dog’s hunting instinct
  • Good mental exercise
  • Recommended for older dogs


  • The product can’t withstand heavy digging
  • More mental than physical

14. Tumbo Tugger Tug-of-War Toy

Tumbo Tugger Outdoor Hanging Doggie Bungee Rope Toy

The Tumbo tugger toy is interactive, fun, and an exercise that would draw your dog’s full strength and focus.

The Tumbo tugger challenges your dog to a game of tug-of-war, and the battle begins from the first tug.

Tumbo comes in sizes that suit both small and big dogs, making it a good choice for pet parents.

It isn’t designed with metal, which preserves your dog’s teeth. It comes specifically in four sizes: Small, indoor ceiling for small dogs, outdoor for small dogs, and outdoor for large dogs. 


  • Suitable for both small and big dogs
  • Both fun and challenging
  • Safe for your dog’s teeth


  • May be too weak for some dogs

15. SwiftPaws Lure Course

SwiftPaws Lure Course

The SwiftPaws is set to give your dog a good run as the latter chases this toy around.

If your pooch loves to run after objects, you can channel that instinct with the SwiftPaws to give your dog a good run.

This toy waves a flag to grab your dog’s interest and ignite the chasing instinct.

You’ll need an open environment with a track (which you can customize) for your dog to get the best experience from this.

The speed gets up to 30 miles an hour, giving the dog a good challenge. Setting it up can take some time, but it’s worth it when you watch Jack run!


  • Provides good running exercise
  • Entertaining and would hardly leave your dog bored
  • Speed gets up to 30 miles an hour


  • Not everyone has the space this toy requires
  • Expensive

16. SoCal Bungee Spring Pole

SoCal Bungee Spring Pole

The SoCal Bungee promises to burn off any excess energy from your dog.

It is good for aggressive chewers—though you should supervise as the rope isn’t indestructible—and won’t affect your dog’s jaws or body parts. 

The SoCal Bungee is good for dogs that like tug of war, or with a lot of energy (an example is the American pitbull terrier).

You don’t need to engage in a tug of war game and exhaust your strength. Simply let the spring pole do the job.

Your dog gets its exercise without any strain from you. It’s a win/win!


  • Suitable for highly energetic dogs
  • Both mental and physical exercises
  • Works with little effort from you


  • Not suitable for older dogs or dogs with hip problems

17. Lord Anson Dog Agility Hurdle Set

Lord Anson Dog Agility Hurdle Cone Set - Canine Agility Training Set

The Lord Anson Dog Agility Hurdle Set is not like any other toy you might have encountered in times past.

This toy keeps your dog on the move and is guaranteed to hold its interest for hours.

The hurdle set is said to have been tested by a team of experienced dog owners and parents, which adds to its credibility.

It is also of high quality, which makes it worth the money you spend. 


  • Easy to set up
  • Price is affordable
  • Two buying options
  • The cones last


  • Rods are not always durable

18. Outward Hound Tail Teaser

Outward Hound Tail Teaser

The outward hound tail teaser is used just as the name states. You attach a toy at the end of the cord and challenge your dog to a game of chase and tug.

You’d need to be more active with this toy, but that wouldn’t be a problem if you’re a sporty individual.

The good thing is that the tail teaser isn’t complicated, yet it brings enormous benefits to the dog in question.

It is fun, mentally stimulating, physical exercise, and a good bonding moment.


  • Simple to use
  • Good for dogs with a high prey drive
  • Makes for a good bonding moment
  • Works for entertaining older dogs


  • Suitable for large dogs
  • Can strain your arm

19. VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot- Interactive Treat Dispenser and Companion Robot for Dogs & Cats

The VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot is an interactive toy that plays with your dog even while you’re away.

Even better, this robot drops treat a long way, making it seem like a mechanical Santa Claus. Dogs love this toy, and it isn’t hard to see why! 

VARRAM is easy to control, and you can set it in motion while in the comfort of your sofa.

The battery is strong, and it can last up to 4 hours. VARRAM is also quiet, which helps if you have an anxious dog.


  • Easy to control
  • Interactive toy that can keep your toy busy
  • Ideal for older dogs


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for larger dogs

20. Goplus Dog Treadmill

Goplus Dog Treadmill, Pet Running Machine

The Goplus Dog Treadmill is good indoor exercise equipment that enables your dog to get the amount of exercise it needs when you can’t go outdoors.

Goplus helps maintain weight, improves endurance, and stays fit.

It comes with a remote that makes it easy to control, as well as a display that shows speed, time, distance, and calories.

Goplus has built-in wheels that can enable you to move it and store it. 


  • Made of strong material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Equipped with wireless remote control
  • Can be used indoors


  • Only suitable for small and medium dogs
  • Expensive

Additional Information: The Importance of Exercise for Dogs

Many pet parents know that exercise is important, but some may not know why it is important.

We hinted at some advantages of exercising your dog at the beginning, but here’s a more elaborate list of the importance of exercise for dogs:

Exercise helps with behavioral problems

An old cliche amongst pet parents is that a tired dog is a good dog, and this is true especially if you own a highly energetic dog.

When a dog is restless and bored, it is more likely to behave inappropriately like barking excessively and shredding the couch.

It is a good antidote to obesity

Obesity is very common amongst dogs, and should be prevented as it leads to a host of other illnesses like heart disease, hypertension, and cancer.[3]

Exercise improves your dog’s mental health

Just as you would feel if you were lying around all day staring at the ceiling, a dog won’t be at its best if it doesn’t have the opportunity to exercise.

This also concerns low energetic dogs. Also, exercise can be mental as physical, and every dog needs the challenge.

It deepens the human/dog bond

There are many opportunities to bond with your pet, but few are as fun as exercise.

The adrenaline, laughter, and time spent serve to forge the friendship between you and your pooch.

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How To Exercise Your Dog Indoors (The Right Way)

Additional Information: Why Do You Need Exercise Equipment for Your Dog?

In many cases, a dog’s exercise needs can be met without having any exercise toys or equipment.

Jogging walks and a good swim are some examples of outdoor activities. Does this negate the need for exercise equipment? No, it doesn’t.

Outdoor exercise can’t always be possible, as many factors can limit you. Your age and physical limitation are some factors.

Seniors might not always be able to walk their dogs, and if you have a fractured leg, that could be a hindrance. 

The weather can also determine whether or not you can exercise your dog outdoors.

Rain and heavy snow can keep everyone indoors for a long time. How will you exercise your dog then?

For these reasons and more, exercise equipment is important.

Final Thoughts 

There are different options you can choose from the best dog exercise equipment you can get for your canines, from interactive toys to treadmills.

They can be used both indoors and out, and they serve to make exercise an enriching and beneficial experience for your dog.

Find the best equipment that fit your dog’s specific needs.

Authored By

Robert Miller

Robert Miller is a dog behaviorist and professional dog trainer. With more than eight years of hands-on experience in the field, Robert relishes sharing his vast knowledge to help prospective pet parents choose the right dog breeds that suit their lifestyle and provide dog owners with the information they need to ensure they raise a well-behaved canine companion. ...