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Canine Coach Anthony Woerner

Anthony Woerner PTA, CCRP

Canine Rehab Specialist
Fitness Instructor

Personal Coaching – 1 Hour – $75.00
During your one-hour session with Anthony he will get to know you and your dog to help design a program that will fit your lifestyle and needs for canine fitness.

$75.00 - 1 Hour

DogTread_DogTreadmill_Anthony_WoernerAnthony Woerner has always had an innate connection with the animals he has interacted with in his life.  From his varied background and experience, he has developed the unique ability to understanding breed specifics, structure, and movement.  He uses his extensive knowledge and his healing hands to know how to best treat each animal.Anthony_Woerner_Canine_Fitness_Avalanche

His varied experience began with training sporting dogs in eastern Washington State, then went on to spend eleven years working as a Level A dog team with “Whiskey” at Deer Valley Ski Resort (See Video Below), and as a Wasatch Backcountry Rescue dog evaluator, mentor, and tester.

His path to animal rehab continued while working in human outpatient orthopedics at MountainTop Physical Therapy in Park City. He specializes in treating Park City’s vigorous and athletic people, with his goal to return them back to their active lifestyle. While working there, he studied canine rehabilitation and went on to attend the University of Tennessee Veterinary School where he achieved the Certification of Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner.  Combining his in-depth knowledge from working with both human and animal patients, he has achieved an excellent understanding of structure and movement.

AnthonyWoerner_Rehabilitation_Specialist Anthony hopes his healing hands-on approach to treatment will give all his patients, from the canine companion to the elite canine athlete, a return to a healthy lifestyle.  He listens to his clients, both canine and owner, and creates a treatment plan specifically designed to meet their needs.  Canine rehab treatments can include soft tissue mobilization, stretching, therapeutic (pre and post surgical), restorative exercise, and modalities.

In addition to rehab, Anthony has developed canine training programs to bring your dog to the next level of fitness.  As a fitness instructor, his clients include dogs that compete on an elite level to the dogs that need fitness training to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a pet.


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