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Canine Coach Bobbie Lyons

Bobbie Lyons

Cert CF

Personal Coaching – 1 Hour – $75.00
During your one-hour session with Bobbie she will will develop a profile for your dog to help design a program that will fit the unique needs for your dog.

Price: $75.00


The path I chose to help a dog, and where it lead me.

Bobbie Lyons, Cert CF has been training and competing in agility with her dogs for over 12 years.  She also teaches private lessons, online classes and workshops educating others on how to condition their dog to prepare for and improve performance.One of Bobbie’s Border Collies has a rotated pelvis that prevents him from fully extending his hind legs when jumping in agility.  This structural issue put more stress on his body and lends to injury. Because of this issue, Bobbie made it a priority to obtain the knowledge and skill necessary to keep him more comfortable, flexible and stronger so that he could enjoy the sport of agility without pain.  What she realized along the way was that Force was not aware of his feet and how to individually move them, nor did he have the core strength needed to support his poorly aligned pelvis.Bobbie researched every book, video and class that she could find on massage, gait analysis, acupressure, canine rehabilitation and canine sports fitness.  Her favorite authors are Rachel Page Elliot and Dr Chris Zink. She made appointments, quizzed and gained relationships with rehabilitation veterinarians, osteopaths, chiropractors and canine physical therapists.  She immediately started implementing exercises suggested by these professionals not just for her structurally challenged dog but her healthy dogs too.
Force, 11yrs old, retired from agility at age 8.

Force, 11yrs old, retired from agility at age 8.

After studying and working with her dogs on core strengthening, conditioning exercises, and stretches, Bobbie taught her first class on Canine Conditioning in 2006. Teaching and working with dogs over the past nine years has given her the experience needed to develop a well-rounded program that anyone can do with a healthy dog.   After several years of teaching, Bobbie was able to show her program to Dr. Bianca Shaw of Back on Track Veterinary Rehabilitation Center. (The leading Rehab Vet in the Portland Metro Area) Bobbie now teaches private lessons within Dr. Shaw’s clinic.  Bobbie works with The Joys of Living Assistance dogs, starting puppies at 8 weeks of age and working with them until 2 years old to lay the foundation work for proper movement and muscle engagement for any task asked of them.   The program for each dog is adjusted depending on what will be expected of the dog.

Bobbie has completed the certification program for Canine Fitness through the Companion Animal Sciences Institute.  She regularly shadows the head of surgery, orthopedics and rehabilitation at Oregon State University Veterinary Hospital in Corvallis Oregon In 2014 Bobbie attended the International Symposium on Veterinary Rehabilitation/Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. In Portland,  Bobbie shadows professionals in the field to further her education on a regular basis – Dr. Bianca Shaw, DVM on initial and follow up appointments and Dr. Michael Salewski during chiropractic examinations and adjustments.  In August 2014, she visited Veterinary Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Group (VOSM) and shadowed Doctors Sherman and Debra Canapp during diagnostic ultrasounds,gait analysis, TPLO surgery, initial and follow up exams and rehabilitation appointments. Bobbie will be headed back to VOSM in July of 2015.   Bobbie is always looking for ways to better help her clients, further her knowledge and foster referrals to and from veterinarians.Bobbie’s Canine Conditioning workshops and classes are held all over the northwest and across the county. She started teaching in the Daisy Peel Classroom in January of 2012.  Bobbie also has co-taught classes with Dr Debbie Gross Saunders of Wizard of Paws.   Bobbie’s classes fill mostly by referral.  Please see the testimonial tab for student and colleague references.


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