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Canine Fitness: Senior Dog Workout of the Week Let’s Walk ‘n Roll

November is Senior Dog Month. Here’s to Senior Dog Health & Fitness! Jake’s going to take us through his Workout of the Week with the DogTread Treadmill and FitPAWS Peanut workout. What’s your Senior Dog up to today?

Dog Fitness with Renee and Jake

Renee & Jake take on new fitness heights

Senior Dogs: keep them Bounding through Life

Many of us live with dogs of a certain age. Our dogs continue to be highly active, motivated and full of a zest for life, often living with arthritis or other chronic conditions. I share the house with three Senior Dogs: Zeus (11), Mr. Mitchell (Oh my gosh he can’t be 9!!) and Jazz (7).

What sets our active dogs apart? Genetics? Zeus is diabetic. Mr. Mitchell has severe hip dysplasia, shoulder problems and IVDD (intervertebral disc disease). Jazz? She’s had TPLO surgery on both stifles. In spite of genetic and chronic conditions, these dogs are filled with energy. They EXERCISE. They Get Out & Move every day!

Encourage dogs to exercise through rewarding positive attitudes & allowing Freedom to Move.  Take them out on the trail, around the block and find a spot in the house for a mini Canine Gym. Set up a pet treadmill. It’s up to us! Let’s dedicate ourselves to help our dogs stay active.

It’s Never Too Late

So me dog owners have asked, “What if I didn’t know to exercise my dog?” You bet – It’s never too late for canine fitness.

If your dog is just starting out, contact a Canine Fitness Expert.

If your dog has serious medical/physical conditions, seek your veterinarian’s approval and assistance before starting an exercise program.

Why Exercise?

Benefits of exercise – you probably know them well for humans. Exercise helps dogs to continue to climb those stairs: many of us have stairs somewhere in our house. Exercise enables dogs to get into the car (my Mr. Mitchell loves to go on my house calls with me).  Our dogs motivate us to get out for a walk too. Have you thought about exercise decreasing anxiety? Yes, it can. We may even see decreased incontinence and more rested sleep for our seniors. And of course, exercise is a major part of keeping canine obesity at bay.

Here it is – the Exercise of the Week: “Walk ‘n Roll”

Our star of the day is Jake, 11 years young. He’s a senior dog but don’t tell him! His daily conditioning program is probably the key component to his rapid recovery from an acute episode of IVDD (intervertebral disc disease) after being attacked by a dog. Jake was paralyzed but now watch him go!


Walk ‘n Roll Exercise Description:

Dog Treadmill Warm Up

Jake Warms Up on the DogTread treadmill

Warm Up: 5 minutes – slow walk on DogTread treadmill

Walk: Brisk walk on treadmill x 10 minutes

Roll: Stand at end or side of the Peanut. Use harness if needed. Stabilize Peanut between your legs and against a wall. Lure your dog to mount onto FitPAWS Peanut. No jumping onto the Peanut, please. Lure your dog to walk forward on hind legs while balancing forelegs on Peanut. 5 steps forward if your room allows. Dismount. Repeat x 3 sets

Cool Down: 5 minutes – slow walk on DogTread treadmill


Dr-Kerry_FisherAbout the Author: Kerry Fisher, DVM, CCRP ~ your Canine Fitness Expert. Throughout her career as a veterinarian, Dr. Fisher has focused on “Pre-hab and Rehab” for animals, pioneering therapeutic & conditioning exercises with FitPAWS Equipment. She owns Canine Rehab ~ Canine Fitness Unleashed!, a Colorado based Canine Gym with Injury Prevention and Canine Rehabilitation services. She has a passion for and experience with Sports Medicine for sporting, search & rescue, performance, working and hunting dogs. Dr. Kerry also has unique concepts for working with senior canine fitness, weight management, pain management, and behavior modification through exercise. She provides educational hands-on seminars and workshops worldwide.

Do you want to take your dog’s fitness to another level? Let’s Get in Touch for a Fitness Assessment and Coaching for your dog. Dr. Kerry uses the DogTread Treadmill-Gait4Dog integrated software system for early Lameness Detection and monitoring the progress your dog is making during the course of rehabilitation. Injury prevention is key!

Dr. Fisher is an athlete herself, enjoying endurance triathlons, mountain biking, bicycle touring, backpacking and telemark skiing. She biked, camped and toured 4,000 miles across the Northern Tier of the USA with her yellow Labrador, Mr. Mitchell. 2015 brings some challenging events to her plate: Ironman Arizona (140.6 mile event) and Leadville 100 mountain bike race (103 mile race at 10,000 feet+ elevation). As founder of Grit Gals, Kerry blogs to share her training tactics for these intense races. Human Fitness and Canine Fitness intertwined – to help you and your dogs reach your goals.










5 responses to “Canine Fitness: Senior Dog Workout of the Week Let’s Walk ‘n Roll”

  1. Slimdoggy says:

    Great post – perfect for this month. We added it to our Senior Pet Resources post we did earlier this month. Thanks!

  2. Our seniors have been particularly active with the cold weather and snow. They just love it!

  3. emma says:

    We do our best to keep senior sis Katie active, but she has really slowed down the past few months. I think had she not be so active her entire life she would be in really bad shape. She still walks, just slow, and does exercises for her leg strength.

  4. Video was great! Senior dogs need to keep active too just like young dogs.

  5. Kari says:

    I love the walk and roll! What a talented dog!