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Canine Fitness Workout for Blind Dogs

Blind dogs can exercise safely with the DogTread Treadmill


Blind dogs can exercise safely with the DogTread Treadmill

Zeus is 12 years old and loves his weekend hikes

On a recent hike with Zeus in the high mountains of Colorado, it became apparent that he has lost even more depth perception. At home, he must have everything memorized – and I’m definitely not one to rearrange the furniture weekly. So when hiking over rocks and logs and a variety of terrain, little Zeus marched along without any concerns.


When Zeus walked right over a small rock ledge and stepped confidently …. into the air….. I knew we had to make some changes in his exercise plans.

Zeus just stepped off the rock ledge and stumbled, did a summersault, got up and kept right on hiking. It didn’t phase him physically and mentally (something to be said for all the canine conditioning we have done over the years!). It sure made my heart tumble. I am here to help guide and protect this little guy. From now on, he will be on leash for hikes until an area is inspected as sage for him.

 The best way to exercise a blind dog (big or small) is to use the DogTread Treadmill.

This treadmill is made specifically for dogs. Zeus has exercised on the canine treadmill for several years so he hops right on even with diminished eyesight. Using a k9 treadmill with a dog blind from birth or a blind dog that has never been on a treadmill is equally as easy. If you are having any trouble treading a blind dog, send me an email!

 Now Zeus treads inside 3-4 times/week

Zeus comes over to my Canine Gym to work out while I’m doing my charting or consulting. He does his treadmill warm up of walking 5 minutes, walks or walk/trots for 10 minutes at various speeds, then does some sit to stands on the treadmill and some individual leg lifts. We add in some strength work using the FitPAWS balance equipment and he cools down with a 5 minute walk. The rest of the time at the Canine Gym is spent sleeping!

Blind dogs can exercise safely with the DogTread Treadmill


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Dr-Kerry_FisherAbout the Author: Kerry Fisher, DVM, CCRP ~ your Canine Fitness Expert. Throughout her career as a veterinarian, Dr. Fisher has focused on “Pre-hab and Rehab” for animals, pioneering therapeutic & conditioning exercises with FitPAWS Equipment. She owns Canine Rehab ~ Canine Fitness Unleashed!, a Colorado based Canine Gym with Injury Prevention and Canine Rehabilitation services. She has a passion for and experience with Sports Medicine for sporting, search & rescue, performance, working and hunting dogs. Dr. Kerry also has unique concepts for working with senior canine fitness, weight management, pain management, and behavior modification through exercise. She provides educational hands-on seminars and workshops worldwide. Do you want to take your dog’s fitness to another level? Let’s Get in Touch for a Fitness Assessment and Coaching for your dog. Dr. Kerry uses the DogTread Treadmill-Gait4Dog integrated software system for early Lameness Detection and monitoring the progress your dog is making during the course of rehabilitation. Injury prevention is key! Dr. Fisher is an athlete herself, enjoying endurance triathlons, mountain biking, bicycle touring, backpacking and telemark skiing. She biked, camped and toured 4,000 miles across the Northern Tier of the USA with her yellow Labrador, Mr. Mitchell. 2015 brings some challenging events to her plate: Ironman Arizona (140.6 mile event) and Leadville 100 mountain bike race (103 mile race at 10,000 feet+ elevation). As founder of Grit Gals, Kerry blogs to share her training tactics for these intense races. Human Fitness and Canine Fitness intertwined – to help you and your dogs reach your goals.

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