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Dog Behavior

Canine Fitness Workout for Blind Dogs

  Blind dogs can exercise safely with the DogTread Treadmill Zeus is 12 years old and loves his weekend hikes On a recent hike with Zeus in the high mountains of Colorado, it became apparent that he has lost even more depth perception. At home, he must have everything memorized – and I’m definitely not […]

Jazz – Achilles Rehab – Part III

How to Strengthen the Hind End of a Dog? Labradors – one of the Breeds that Never Quit Remember Jazz? She injured her Achilles tendon awhile back, underwent canine physical therapy for the acute injury. She also has bilateral stifle (knee) arthritis. She’s now ‘enrolled’ in a canine exercise program to strengthen her back, core […]

Jazz – Achilles Rehab – Part II

Jazz Learns a New Language & Dynamic Movement Jazz is learning a new language Jazz injured her Achilles tendon awhile back, underwent canine physical therapy for the acute injury and is now progressing to exercises to strengthen her back, core and hind legs. As mentioned in last week’s blog, she also has lived with bilateral […]

Achilles Tendinosos Rehab with Dog Treadmill

DogTread Treadmill work rounds out Jazz’s Canine Rehabilitation Plan Jazz recently injured her Achilles Tendon Jazz is a “full-speed ahead” 7 ½ year old lab. She is an amazing pheasant retriever and loves to hike, run, swim and play ‘chuck-it’. When she was about a year old she tore her Cranial Cruciate ligaments in both […]

K9 Cross Training

In the human world the term “cross-training” is used quite often to suggest that doing different types of strength, balance and coordination training helps to improve performance.  The canine world works much the same way. Canine conditioning or cross-training exercises are a great way to keep your dog in shape, encourage weight loss, maintain current […]

Mercy’s DogTread Gaiting Update

———————Mercy Works out at Canine Rehab-Canine Fitness in Golden, CO———- Mercy is the Wonder Dog we met a few months ago. Turn for the worse or Temporary setback? Mercy gaited on the DogTread Gait4Dog gaiting system again a few weeks ago. After a few minutes warm-up we started collecting data.     We were expecting […]

Combine Obedience and Exercise for a Stronger Bond

Challenges such as weight control and increasing exercise are not exclusive to humans – our four-legged friends need help with them too! No problem.  Should I cut back on his food, or start taking him out for more daily walks?  Or both? Both are great ideas, but before beginning any new exercise or weight management […]

First Dog! – First Treadmill Lameness Detection

Aly’s First Dog Do you remember your first dog? I’d like to introduce you to my new friends, Aly and Clementine. Aly is an Audio Digitization Archivist at the Colorado State Archives.  Aly adopted Clementine (her first dog!) two days after moving to Colorado. Sweet Clementine had been a drop off at a shelter – […]

Canine Fitness: Senior Dog Workout of the Week Let’s Walk ‘n Roll

November is Senior Dog Month. Here’s to Senior Dog Health & Fitness! Jake’s going to take us through his Workout of the Week with the DogTread Treadmill and FitPAWS Peanut workout. What’s your Senior Dog up to today? Senior Dogs: keep them Bounding through Life Many of us live with dogs of a certain age. Our […]

Successful Collaboration

Recently I wrote about the team approach to K9 Fitness and how collaboration between professionals in the veterinary, rehabilitation and fitness fields are important.  Because I refer clients regularly for diagnostics and diagnosis, I receive referrals from those professionals when no discernible problem exists, the dog is released to normal activity or a strength or training issue […]

Keep Your Dog Cool and Calm this 4th of July

K9FITvest for Anxiety and Cooling The 4th of July is no holiday for dogs! The sound of fireworks causes many dogs to panic and run, resulting in many lost dogs every year. Calming Assurance – Without Restriction. The K9FITvest design integrates trigger point compression aimed at encouraging better form and focus – without restricting movement. […]

Ultimate Dog Work Out

What is the ultimate dog work out?  With so many variations in breeds, activity, health level, and age there can be many options. The following work out is ultimate because… ultimately it works on basic fundamental movement patterns that all dogs need. From early puppy development through the senior years – no matter the activity level […]

FUNctional Dog Fitness – Move Your Mutt

FUNctional training is rooted in the concept that exercise should mimic everyday movements and we should strengthen our bodies to handle these movements more easily and without injury. In general, it will lead to better movement because it targets groups of muscles that challenge and strengthen the whole body. I emphasize the characters that spell […]

5 Reasons to Add Canine Resistance Training to Your Dogs Indoor or Outdoor Exercise Program

A well-rounded canine exercise program should include resistance training. Find out how to add resistance safely and effectively to benefit your dog’s health. Did you know that canine resistance or strength training is the one type of exercise that not only improves your dog’s cardiovascular and structural strength, but it can also improve balance, increase […]

Why I Use DogTread Dog Treadmills

Published on October 26, 2012 A Professional Dog Trainer’s Interview on Dog Treadmill Equipment and Canine Exercise… Q. When Did You Start Using Dog Treadmills in your Practice? A. I have incorporated exercise into all of my training programs since 2001 when I started developing urban training programs for dogs. I started using treadmills in […]

Managing the Multi Dog Home

It could be said that dogs are like potato chips, you can’t stop at just one. The temptation to get another dog, to keep your first dog company, is too big for many to resist.  Especially considering the added benefit of a whole new being giving you all that unconditional love. The truth of the […]

Understanding the Dog

Dogs are intelligent and are graced with a certain degree of reason that can make the relationship you have with your dog one of the most rewarding relationships in life.  Dogs intrinsically, as a pack-oriented animal, want to be part of the gang – which in most of our cases, is the family, with the […]

Lack of Exercise = Bad Behavior

There is a correlation between exercise and behavior among humans.  Generally speaking, if you exercise on a daily basis, the discipline of exercising reflects in the discipline you apply in other areas of your life, socially, professionally and emotionally. Our canine friends are also generally the same in this regard.  A dog who gets to […]

How Your Dog Can Adjust to a Household Move

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, an average of 14.19% of Americans will move their household every year!  That’s over 44 million people, with their approximately 22 million cats and dogs!  In 2008, the data showed that 23,468,000 moved within the same county; 7,728,000 moved to a different county in the same state; 7,628,000 moved […]

Exercise and your dog: Your best friend may need more exercise

Exercise usually does a dog good, “How much exercise does your dog get?” We have had many happy dog owners responded, and the overwhelming response is, “I wish I could get out more with my dog.” Your dog may not be slowing down at the same rate you are. Keep in mind that your best friend […]

Running in a dog’s mind: A Dog’s View of Exercise

I don’t understand why I take my dog out for a walk and he comes home and suddenly starts with zoomies around the house.  Out of control.  It’s soooofrustrating.” This is a comment I get repeatedly as a professional dog trainer.  I’ve come to a place of understanding where the dog is coming from and […]

Is The On Button Good For Your Dog?

Human and dog behavior in the creation of urban living tends to mirror each other. Acting out, sickness and health may appear entirely different in the species but the bottom line is balance is one where outlets for mind and body have to be provided for.

Treadmill Training | Homeopathy for Dogs

In homeopathy health is defined as not just the absence of symptoms, but a feeling of well-being and vitality. So, now before any real explanation you can see why walking or running your dog on a treadmill is actually quite holistic and homeopathic in a variety of ways. As it turns out, dogs tend to […]

Want to Walk More but Leash Aggression is Stopping You?

There are a variety of reasons some dogs end up with leash aggression. In fact I could write chapters about it, but for the sake of learning something TO DO rather than staying frustrated about it and trying to decipher who is at fault or what is the reason for it here are a few pointers on dealing with leash aggression.

Living Your Dog’s Potential: Things to do

Potential. A word we all live our hopes and dreams on… it’s just that we tend to get stuck on the word and do nothing about actually living it. And for dog owners who are getting stuck on the word and not doing anything about it… your dog is surely not living to his or her potential.

Top 5 Reasons To Treadmill Your Dog

Many dog owners believe that treadmills for dogs are only for those who have sport dogs, shows dogs or competition dogs. The truth is that every dog and their family can benefit wonderfully from exercising their dog on a treadmill.
If the concept sounds a little far fetched to you, consider these top 5 reasons to treadmill your dog.

The Job of Rescue Dogs In Japan – Does Your Dog Need A Job?

Stories of dogs who have gone over on rescue teams to help search the rubble for those who may be alive and for those who have passed on give light to the great jobs dogs have the ability to do. Your dog may not have this type of job but can provide in other ways that are very needed and helpful.

Dog Treadmill Featured on ABC News Pet Obesity

Good Morning America and the Wall Street Journal featured a stories about obese pets and the best products to deal with this problem. As it turns out just like people, dog weight management is becoming an issue with at least half of our dog population. It is a health issue that is in fact leading to shorter lives for our beloved, part-of-the family dog.

Dog Ball Possession Aggression, A New Game, and a Treadmill

Daphne, a Labrador Retriever used to be crazy about her ball to the point she turned a fun game into an exercise in aggression. Here is the story of how her dog loving owner found treadmill training as a way to create the game with a new frame of mind and how it became all fun again.