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Dog Events

Canine Fitness Workout for Blind Dogs

  Blind dogs can exercise safely with the DogTread Treadmill Zeus is 12 years old and loves his weekend hikes On a recent hike with Zeus in the high mountains of Colorado, it became apparent that he has lost even more depth perception. At home, he must have everything memorized – and I’m definitely not […]

Hunter’s First Gaiting

Dogs Weight Pull? Serious Conditioning, Self-Confidence & Injury Prevention Programs are Keys to Successful Competition. Introducing Hunter, a big Weight Pulling Husky x Malamute mix: Last night we gaited Hunter on the DogTread treadmill, using the Gait4Dog computerized gaiting system. Shannon brought him to me for a routine gaiting and a comprehensive, preventative sports medicine […]


It’s Official. Canine Rehab ~ Canine Fitness is Unleashed! Set a Deadline: The floor, internet access, signage and projector system were major purchases and took time to coordinate. I asked each contractor if they could be finished by February 18th.  And each came through, just as promised.  Signage: I ordered the cabinet sign, a banner, […]

Dreaming of Opening a Canine Gym? Part IV

What Equipment is in Your Canine Gym Canine Treadmills Inside? What’s on the equipment list for your Canine Fitness Facility?  Answering Your Questions about Equipment: I enjoy talking with so many of you who are thinking about your new Canine Gym – or who are already in the planning phases. Thanks for contacting me. It’s […]

Dreaming of Opening a Canine Gym? Part II

Gait4Dog Dog Treadmill DogTread Gait4Dog Computerized Canine Lameness Detection comes to Colorado Dr. Kerry Signs a Lease! Sometimes you end up where you never imagined. Would you Start Small or Create the Canine Gym of your Dreams? At first I thought I could get going with a 500 square foot space. I found a garage […]

Dreaming of Opening a Canine Gym?

  Dr. Kerry looks at lease spaces Being a mobile veterinarian offers many benefits. Minimal overhead. Flexible hours. The joys of seeing dogs in their loving homes. But…          _______________ DogTread & FitPAWS Equipment Drive my Desire I thought I had owned my last fixed facility rehabilitation center. The move to Colorado […]

Ball Dynamics International® Acquires the PetZen® Products CanineGym® Product Line

Longmont, CO: Ball Dynamics International, owner of the FitPAWS and FitBALL brands, has acquired the CanineGym product line from PetZen Products. The CanineGym product line includes K9FITvest®, K9FITbone™, K9FITbed™, among other products. The addition of the CanineGym product line to the FitPAWS family will allow Ball Dynamics International to provide its customers with even more […]

K9FITbone Review by Pawsitive Performance

Revised (New Class Enrolls 9/9/2014) The new K9FITbone is a very versatile piece of balance equipment.  The lateral movement the K9FITbone offers encourages your dog to engage their abdominal muscles, the muscles along the spine (core and trunk muscles) as well as the supporting muscles around the hips and shoulders used for stability while supporting […]

Keep Your Dog Cool and Calm this 4th of July

K9FITvest for Anxiety and Cooling The 4th of July is no holiday for dogs! The sound of fireworks causes many dogs to panic and run, resulting in many lost dogs every year. Calming Assurance – Without Restriction. The K9FITvest design integrates trigger point compression aimed at encouraging better form and focus – without restricting movement. […]

Ultimate Dog Work Out

What is the ultimate dog work out?  With so many variations in breeds, activity, health level, and age there can be many options. The following work out is ultimate because… ultimately it works on basic fundamental movement patterns that all dogs need. From early puppy development through the senior years – no matter the activity level […]

National Walk Your Dog Week

National Walk Your Dog Week Dates: October 1-7 We personally think MOVING YOUR MUTT should be celebrated all year, every day.  That is why we helped to found A website dedicated to help pets and their people to get moving. This week we are celebrating National Walk Week. For every new member signing up […]


Top canine fitness leaders combine to provide the largest offering of fitness, sport and rehabilitation products for dogs.  OGDEN, UT – July 15. 2013 – Today, the nation’s two leading dog fitness product companies, PetZen Products and Ball Dynamics International, announce their plans to form a joint venture for the purpose of developing a comprehensive […]

K9FITvest is FUNctional Canine Fitness Apparel

The DogTread® 4-in-1 K9FITvest™ is fun wearable fitness apparel that provides dogs not only a calorie-burning boost, but also therapeutic, sensory integration and safety benefits. OGDEN, Utah (April 11, 2013) – DogTread has announced that its newest ground-breaking fitness product, the gravity enhanced and patent-pending K9FITvest, will be available nationwide starting June 2013 both online […]

Dogs to have their day at Westminster Dog Show

It takes more than a perfect pedigree to stand out at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. A champion also needs impeccable grooming, athleticism and, experts say, attitude. The Daily went backstage as some of the top dogs — and their human handlers — got ready to strut their stuff in pursuit of the ultimate […]

136th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2012 – DogTread

Westminster’s Finest Prep For The Show Ring At Exclusive “DogTread® Canine Gym” DogTread® will provide champion dogs with the exercise needed for optimum performance when they enter the show ring at the 136th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. OGDEN, Utah (Jan. 24, 2012) – Just like any all-star athlete, championship dogs require practice and […]

Memorial Day Holiday | Dog Trails and Treadmills

Despite all the “sales” and commercial draw to the any holiday these days, many people are choosing to reflect and to get out and enjoy what they have around them. Its a really nice time for dog lovers to get out and find a new trail to hike, run or walk with their dogs.

What You Like To Do With Your Dog | A Giveaway

Win a dog pack bowl and water bottle by telling us what your most favorite thing to do with your dog. It could be anything from having your dog lay his head in your lap while you read a book on a Saturday afternoon to going to the beach, walking in the rain, hiking a new trail, running the same running loop 5 days a week, playing fetch or showing your friends a high five trick, or watching your dog wag and run on a dog treadmill.

Valentines Day Sweet Dog Run or Walk Event

Next in our DogTread®Virtual Dog Events series is the Valentines Day Sweet Dog Walk or Run. Exercising with your dog is a great way for you both to get in shape, stay fit, and bond; but the end result is much more than most comprehend.

Super Dog Sunday Blog Hop Events

The Super Bowl is one of the most popular sports in America to watch. It is one of those days spent with good friends, food and these days the dog too! Join us on Super Bowl Sunday for all the activities that include your dog in this unofficial holiday!

DogTread Super Bowl Game Day Walk Event

Join us on Super Bowl Sunday for our DogTread Game Day Walk Event from your location and get a free copy of the 5K Training Guide | Running with Dogs. 1 in 3 of our children are obese. 40% of our dogs are over weight and an estimated 70 million US adults are carry too many pounds to be healthy. Join the movement to lose weight.

Exercise and the Active Dog | Sled Dogs

Not all dogs are snow or sled dogs but still need an active outlet that serves the same purpose as these sled dogs get. Labs, Golden Retrievers, German Short Haired Pointers, Vizslas, Weimaraners, Wheaten Terriers and many mixed breeds are among those that just have a really difficult time containing themselves without the appropriate amount of exercise.