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Is Change a Problem for Dogs? Maybe not.

17-DogTread-blogChange is difficult.  Unless you are a dog.

As a professional dog trainer I see many people project that their dog doesn’t like change but when it comes right down to it, it’s people who don’t like change.  Dogs,  don’t like abandonment, but they surely don’t mind change.

Simply stated, change usually means giving up an attachment to things.  Changing a job or homes, a car or the people you hang out with means giving up your attachment to the physical things you have around you.  It has an affect on people’s emotions.  Dogs on the other hand roll with what comes their way, generally speaking.

Living In The Moment | Lessons from Dog

The tell tale sign that dogs are such great creatures with change happened this month for our family.  Our dogs are having the time of their lives while we are dealing with a lot of new changes coming at us quickly. The house move.

We decided to sell our house and move across the ocean to a more simple lifestyle. Of course, more time with the dogs, friends and time to enjoy more of the precious moments in life and our new home.  It is a thought process I hear many speaking of but an interesting and sometimes real uncomfortable reality once actually implemented. Change is difficult… even when you  want to.

Our dogs have handled the whole thing like rock stars and there are a few lessons in it for all of us.  Here’s a perfect example of how attachment does not affect dogs the way it does us humans.

Selling a Dogs 4 Runner

When we sold the Toyota 4Runner that the dogs went everywhere with us in, I was sad.  Granted, it was a 1999 with over 100,000 miles on it.  It had a nice chunk of premium leather chewed off the center counsel thanks to one of my camp dogs.  It was one of the vehicles that one always had to use the disclaimer “it smells like dog in here,” as well as “you probably should put a clean towel down if you don’t want dog hair on your clothes” and the gas mileage wasn’t all that great.  Never the less, we loved that truck.  When we watched it drive away I cried.

I was sad and still look at all the silver Toyota 4Runners I see I feel a pang.  To add to it, we’ve shipped our other car off to our new destination (over an ocean) and have replaced (rented) what seems as though it’s the equivalent of a Go-Cart.  It really sorta sucks… but here’s the the thing that has struck me in this whole deal.  The dogs are stoked.  They love riding around with us.  They love the fact that they get to go everywhere with us while we wait to ship ourselves, including dogs to our new destination.

There was never a dog pang of “oh I miss my truck, and I’m sad to be in this little tiny thing that supposed to be a car.  They are not hung up on attachment.

And when I think about it… we are having the time of our lives.  Doing fun things and we are all together.  The car gets us around just fine… and it’s not about the “thing”, it’s about the time. It’s a great lesson from the dogs.

Favorite Things to Do With Your Dog

Attachment to a a weekly show.  Attachment to shopping.  Attachment to people we are “supposed” to answer the phone call when you really don’t want to.  Attachment to stuff…. stuff that doesn’t really matter…   Emotional attachment to “things” stop many of us from actually doing the simple things that can make the most memorable fun times of our lives.

The lesson…sever attachment to things and experience more.

Facebook-linkIf you could hang out with your dog and feel no pressure to be doing anything else… what would you do?  Go to our DogTread Facebook Page and tell us.  Post before April 13 and you can win a dog pack bowl and water bowl.

Get out and wag more.

6 responses to “Is Change a Problem for Dogs? Maybe not.”

  1. Jt, you are so right!! It’s us humans that have trouble with managing attachments especially when changes occur. Even good changes can be quite frightening in the beginning. Silly humans. LOL This is one reason why I love dogs and training dogs so much, they stay focused in the moment. And, that’s a beautiful place to be.

    Good luck in Hawaii. I am so happy and excited for you as you venture on this new delightful change in your life.

  2. kim says:

    “its about the time” …….have always tried to live with that sentiment. Difficult at times. Glad you are living it.

    Great article. 1 day………..

  3. Jt Clough says:

    Change | Is it a problem for dogs?

  4. Jt Clough says:

    How can #dogs teach us about the idea of change?

  5. K9 Coach says:

    How can #dogs teach us about the idea of change?