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Dog Behavior

large-treadmillCanine Behavior: Walk Your Dog the Right Way
Quality Movement is a Key Solution for a Variety of Canine Behavior IssuesIt is often not the only solution, but it plays a big part…While it may seem trivial to many dog owners that there is a right and wrong way. However, walking the right way means a lot to your dog, and Canine Behaviorists and Trainers often use it in their treatment plan. Read more >> Solutions for Dogs
The key to treating anxiety in dogs is not just exercise, but increasing the quality and intensity at which the exercise is performed.Anxiety.  What does it feel like to a dog?  Quite possibly it is much like what humans feel without the ability to logic.  Understanding how to deal with anxiety in dogs is much easier when we practice dealing with our own anxiety. Read More >>
9-DogTread-blogUnderstanding the Dog
Dogs are intelligent and are graced with a certain degree of…Dogs intrinsically, as a pack-oriented animal, want to be part of the gang – which in most of our cases, is the family, with the house being the ‘den’ which protects us and which the dog willingly ‘protects’ from outside intruders. But who protects the dog? Read More >>