10 Wild Dog Breeds & Where To Find Them (With Pictures)

Top 10 Wild Dog Breeds &Amp; Where To Find Them (With Pictures)

“The dog is man’s best friend” is a common quote among millions, thanks to man domesticating these canines for millennia. About forty wild dog species share a physical structure common to canines: slender, strong bodies, long muzzles, long, bushy tails, large ears, and powerful jaws. These wild animals have existed for millions of years before … Read more

Dutch Shepherd vs. German Shepherd: What Is The Difference?

Dutch Shepherd Vs. German Shepherd - What Is The Difference

The German Shepherd is amongst the most popular dogs in the United States and worldwide. Many other less popular Shepherd dog breeds are mistaken for it. One of these is the Dutch Shepherd, a herding dog from the Netherlands.  When compared, the Dutch Shepherd vs. German Shepherd has a lot in common, just like the … Read more

Types Of Spaniels: All 15 Different Spaniel Dog Breeds

Types Of Spaniels - All 15 Different Spaniel Dog Breeds

Spaniel dog breeds are easy to fall in love with, so if your idea of a pet is something akin to Lady in Lady and the Tramp, you’re far from being alone. Spaniels have proven to be good family dogs, and over time they have acquired a good number of fans. But how well do … Read more