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Dog Exercise

walk-your-dog-weekWalking Benefits for You and Your Dog – Infographic
Exercise doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated.  A daily brisk walk can help you and your dog get on the right pathto a happier and healthier life.
DogLog_Exercise-GuidelinesDog Exercise Training Log
Get on Track with our Dog-specific Training Log Program
Coaches and athletes use it to monitor performance. Researches refer to it as the key for consistent and permanent weight loss.  What is it? A Training Log. So does your dog need it? Well until your dog can read, maybe not – but it can help you focus on your dog’s physical and mental exercise needs. Find out how much of each type of exercise – mental and physical – that your dog should be doing per week.
Indoor Summer Fitness Ideas – DogTread Dog Treadmill and the new K9FITvest featured on Fox 5 Vegas. Watch Charlotte Reed, Petrendologist share great ideas to keep your dog (or cat) fit inside.
CanineGymatHomewithDrKatyDogTread on Dr. Katy – The Pet Show
DogTread Presents: Canine Gym at Home with Kathy Santo
DogTread on Dr. Katy announcing their new canine fitness program – Canine Gym at Home with Kathy Santo. Kathy Santo, Professional Dog Trainer has teamed up with DogTread to offer a new canine fitness program dubbed the Personal Virtual Fitness Trainer for Canines. Real workouts you can follow to help keep your dog fit and healthy with the golden duo of fitness – physical and mental exercises. Coming Soon! Watch Video >>
interval-points-poste-med-261x174Boost your Dog’s Health with Interval Training
4 Interval Training Workouts to meet your Dog’s Fitness Level Inside or Out
Alternating periods of intense effort with periods of moderate to low efforts is known as Interval Training and it is not just for humans. Your dog can easily achieve the same benefits when performed outside on the trail, at the park, from a bike, and yes, even a dog treadmill. Read More >>
PZ-2995 Reasons to Add Canine Resistance Training
Learn How to Add Resistance Safely and Effectively to Benefit Your Dog’s HealthDid you know that canine resistance or strength training is the one type of exercise that not only improves your dog’s cardiovascular and structural strength, but it can also improve balance, increase bone density and help your canine lose weight? A well-rounded canine exercise program should include resistance training. Read More >>
DoRunRunCanine Fitness Coach: How to Develop a Quality Fitness Program
Learn the Rules of Thumb when Establishing a Good Canine Fitness Program.
Good exercise programs (whether they are for dogs or people) should be designed to address the specific needs and goals of that animal or individual.The best canine fitness programs come from understanding how to establish parameters for frequency, speed, intensity, duration, environment, nutrition. Read More >>

As our client we will personally help you select the right products and even customize programs to provide your best friend with a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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