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Dog Obesity | Big Begging Eyes | Alternatives

Recent statistics report that over half of our dogs are overweight.  It is an astounding number when factoring in health problems and life expectancy is decreased by at least 2 years.

Over feeding due to dog food label recommendations as well as the amount of treats we give our dogs are two big factors in pet obesity.

Lack of exercise is also included in the top three reason our dogs are in need of weight loss management.

22-DogTreading-blogLike humans, 30 minutes should be the minimum for any dog daily.  Using alternatives like “Spot Sprint” games, a ball game that keeps your dog moving, structured walks and runs and dog treadmill training are a few options dog owners can use to keep the fun factor going for you and your dog while getting the appropriate amount of exercise.

Big Brown Begging Dog Eyes

Dogs give us as humans a “feel good” notion almost every time we come home and are greeted by that wagging tail and the sense of joy just at the sight of you.  In return we do things that we think is a big bonus “feel good” for our dogs, but in fact should be classified in the “bad habit” zone.

Treats and food come to mind as comfort and for a dog that has found his way to an owner’s heart through begging, well, it becomes a really weighty habit.

Dog “Feel Good” Alternatives

Facebook-linkGetting your dog back in shape doesn’t need to be all work and no play and that includes giving out treats in return for big wags either.  The great thing about dogs is that you can convince your dog a healthy treat is just as good as a fatty, processed calorie filled treat is just by the look on your face while delivering it.

Much like the concept your dog thinks she has gone somewhere relatively exciting even it it’s only around the block, giving a small chunk of carrot, green bean or piece of ice can have the same effect as giving those store bought treats that include sugar, fat and a long list of ingredients that are difficult to pronounce like the dog treats featured in the image.

This fact alone should convince us humans that not only is it good for the dog, but it is good for us as well to start snacking on things that only have one ingredient as the source.

Exercise and Diet Key to Dog Weight Management

Find a good exercise routine for your dog like the dog treadmill shown in this this video reported by Wendy Bounds in the WSJ on pet obesity.

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