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Dog Treadmill Blog Spot: 5 Hot Weather Health Tips and Tricks

Beware of Hot Asphault - Protect Your DogTime to Cool Off! Yes, the heat of summer is upon us and it is important to remember dogs can become dehydrated or develop heat stroke much faster than humans. As the temperatures rise we see more reported cases of heat stroke across the country. Even if the air feels cool, the terrain can be too hot for exercise. So how do you combat the heat and stay healthy? Here are a few hot weather health tips to help:

1) Exercise Your Dog Indoors. In direct sun, when the air temperature is 77 degrees asphalt can be as hot as 125 degrees. At 125 degrees skin destruction can occur in 60 seconds. A quick rule of thumb, if you cannot press the back of your hand on asphalt for more than 7 seconds comfortably it is too hot for your dog. A pet treadmill that is designed just for your dog is a great option to help your dog exercise safely, comfortably and cool indoors. DogTread Dog Treadmills provide a natural low-profile design with low training panels (not high sides that confine your dog) to help simulate a running experience more similar to running outside and comfortable for dogs when you have to be indoors. A rapid adjustable incline also allows you to vary the terrain during the workout for more variety and intensity.

2) Just Add Water. If you plan to be outside water activities, like swimming or sprinklers, can keep your dog cool. A game of fetch near and around sprinklers is fun for many dogs, as is a great swimming hole.  A puncture resistant kiddy pool can help keep paws and bellies cool, for dogs that are a little more timid, or if a swimming hole doesn’t exist. Try filling the pool when your dog is not around, so they don’t associate with bath time, and then introduce by creating a game of stepping through the water and coaxing with a favorite toy. Another option is watering your lawn before you play a game of fetch in the early morning to keep paws cool. Keep games short and provide lots of rest and water to drink.

3) Become an Early Bird. Early morning is a great time to get outside with your dog. Yes, it means setting the alarm clock a little earlier, but it will enable you to get outside with your dog when temperatures are less threatening. Just remember it is still warm so minimize activity and carry plenty of water during an outing for both you and your dog.

4) Dog Popsicle Coolers. Keeping your dog hydrated is important. There are ice molds now available to create giant dog bone ice cubes for chewing and licking, or you can create your own. I’ve also used my kids sand box toys to create fun molds. Adding natural beef or chicken flavoring makes for a tasty treat!

5) Minimize Heat Exposure. If your dog has to be outside, ensure there is a shaded area and plenty of water on hand. If your dog is tethered always be sure that your dog has room to roam without wrapping around objects which can prevent him/her from getting back to shade or water. Remember even sunny days at 50 degrees can be sweltering for heavy-coated dogs.

Need Help? If you are looking for more information about how to choose the right dog treadmill, create an indoor exercise program for your dog, or you would like assistance creating a fitness plan for both you and your dog please email us at, call us at 877.563.5151 or visit our website

Who Is DogTread? Krista Wickens and Don Standing are co-founders of PetZen® Products, maker of the DogTread® motorized dog treadmills. Drawing on their combined 42 years of hands-on experience designing, marketing and selling top branded treadmills and sporting and fitness equipment for humans, they collaborated with canine industry professionals to develop an unconventional dog-specific treadmill that was held to the same high standards as human treadmills, but incorporated industry firsts like a natural running platform, low profile training boundaries, treat holders, and expert educational programming. Recommended and used by the country’s top Vets, Trainers and Handlers – Safety tested and inspected by industry consumer advocacy groups – and Electronically Certified; PetZen aims to maintain the highest standards and regard for its clients by providing safety, quality, expertise, and the best Treading experience for both dog and owner.

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