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Request an Online Video Link and Online Buyers Guide Brochure to learn how you can provide healthy exercise for your dog year round.
Now get your dog the exercise he/she needs on a consistent schedule and regardless of weather. No traveling in heavy traffic, no crowded dog parks, no rainy day cancellations. Just your own dog-specific engineered motorized treadmill, where your dog can exercise safely and you can control the intensity and duration of his/her workouts.

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  • Health and Fitness
  • Behavior Modification
  • Senior Dogs
  • Rehabilitation
  • Dogs with Disabilities (SARDS)

Our DogTread® Dog-specific Treadmills are easy to setup, easy to maintain and best of all easy to learn to use. Our customers have had 100% success rate using our recommended guidelines and techniques. They fit easily in small spaces and the attractive design means you won’t mind seeing them in your home.

With 3 sizes to choose from you are sure to find one that will accommodate your furry four-legged friend, plus fits your taste and your budget.

REQUEST OUR DOG TREADMILL ONLINE VIDEO AND BROCHURE and find out how a DogTread® Motorized Exercise Treadmill can improve your best friends quality of life.