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Dog Treadmill Training | An Introduction

Dog Treadmills by DogTreadWhy a DogTread®?

Krista Wickens, CEO  and co-owner of PetZen Products® and DogTread®  teamed up with Jt Clough, Professional Dog Trainer, HHP and Fitness Coach to assist our dogs who have become family members and beloved friends lead a healthy, happy long life through exercise as a lifestyle.

In our blogs you will is about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives and finding the clarity to spend the moments with our dogs who teach us to be content with the day as it is, to use what we have to wag about whatever is presented.  To let go of our unwanted habits of yesterday and leave what will happen tomorrow to practicing what we can today, in this very moment.

You’ll find a weekly article on how to create more fitness, more joy, and create more of a lifestyle of content that dogs are more apt at creating naturally through exercise and clarity due to focusing on what is in front of us this very moment in time.  You’ll find sources of inspiration, easy fun workouts, and events you can participate in with your dog all from our base:  The DogTread K9 30 Day Journal and Fitness Guide.

Here are some facts about the dog treadmills at

DogTread® Treadmill Awards:

5-Star Approved – A+ (2010) – American Pet Association
Top Pet Fitness and Weight Loss Products (2009) – Association for Pet Obesity Prevention
Third Place, New Product Showcase (2008) – Global Pet Expo
Pinnacle Award, Top Health Product (2009) – Pet Age
A Balanced Approach to Pet Health™

DogTread® equipment is engineered specifically for dogs by people who love dogs and have decades of experience designing treadmills and exercise equipment for humans. We apply the same designs and standards as the leading human treadmill companies use to create dog treadmills and accessories that are safe, durable and easy to use.

As the pack leader in dog-specific motorized treadmills, DogTread® by PetZen® makes treadmill exercise fun, affordable and easy for any dog owner and their furry friend to learn.

Whether you are a show dog owner with years of show experience, a trainer, a veterinarian or just a typical time-starved dog owner, PetZen® Products provides healthy solutions that fit virtually any dog, lifestyle or location. Ask any of our customers worldwide and learn why “award-winning”, “quality products” and “excellent customer service” are titles we’ve earned.

“Treading” for exercise has been popular in certain dog circles for decades and is not a new age training technique, but until the DogTread® was introduced in 2008, the only dog treadmill options available were heavy, overpriced and difficult to use for the average dog owner. Our goal was to help the average dog owner take advantage of a technique that dog professionals have used for years, right in the comfort of their own home.
DogTread® Treadmill Affiliations:

American Pet Manufacturers’ Association (APMA)
World Pet Association (WPA)
International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)
Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)

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