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Exercise and your dog: Your best friend may need more exercise

Exercise usually does a dog good, “How much exercise does your dog get?”7-DogTread-blog1-150x150

We have had many happy dog owners responded, and the overwhelming response is, “I wish I could get out more with my dog.” Your dog may not be slowing down at the same rate you are. Keep in mind that your best friend may need more exercise than you to stay healthy and active.

Our customers deal with all kinds of behavior problems from basic puppy issues, to separation anxiety, barking, destruction of property, aggression, and general training issues like teaching sit and stay. Usually we recommend more physical and mental exercise for your dog. A great way to curve these behavioral issues is to allow your dog adequate exercise time. If you have something holding you back from walking or jogging with your dog, please don’t let that hold your “best Friend” back from getting the adequate needed exercise.

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