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DogTread Experts

Dog Treadmill Experts

Our advisory team includes notable experts in various dog professions. They help us test our dog fitness products in a variety of conditions that include real-life applications and clinical settings. Their input has been invaluable as it helps us create the best products made especially for dogs.  They include Professional Dog Trainers, Dog Behaviorists, Veterinarians, Physical Therapists, and Dog Handlers.


Kerry Fisher, DVM, CCR

Canine Fitness Expert

Canine Fitness Unleashed!

Throughout her career as a veterinarian, Dr. Fisher has focused on “Pre-hab and Rehab” for animals, pioneering therapeutic & conditioning exercises with FitPAWS Equipment. She owns Canine Rehab ~ Canine Fitness Unleashed!, a Colorado based Canine Gym with Injury Prevention and Canine Rehabilitation services. She has a passion for and experience with Sports Medicine for sporting, search & rescue, performance, working and hunting dogs. Dr. Kerry also has unique concepts for working with senior canine fitness, weight management, pain management, and behavior modification through exercise. She provides educational hands-on seminars and workshops worldwide.


Anthony Woerner, PTA, CCRP

Canine Rehab Specialist /   Fitness Instructor


Anthony Woerner has always had an innate connection with the animals he has interacted with in his life.  From his varied background and experience, he has developed the unique ability to understanding breed specifics, structure, and movement.  He uses his extensive knowledge and his healing hands to know how to best treat each animal.

His varied experience began with training sporting dogs in eastern Washington State, then went on to spend eleven years working as a Level A dog team with “Whiskey” at Deer Valley Ski Resort (click on link to see a movie about Whiskey), and as a Wasatch Backcountry Rescue dog evaluator, mentor, and tester. ….READ MORE


Kathy Santo, Professional Dog Trainer

Kathy Santo Dog Training
Ramsey, NJ
(201) 512-8316

Kathy Santo has been teaching basic and competitive dog obedience since 1984. She single-handedly built her practice from a few weekly students to the 100+ dogs a week that she currently trains, handling problems from the benign to the serious. She is a published author of Kathy Santo’s Dog Sense. She is a current columnist for the American Kennel Club Family Dog Magazine, as well as Good She has been featured in Redbook, Dog Fancy, NY Dog as well as other national newspapers.

She is a regular guest on the Martha Stewart Show, and has also appeared on the Today Show, Fox and Friends, CNN, CBS Early Show as well as various television shows across the U.S. during her national book tour. In addition, she was featured on Diane Rehm’s National Public Radio show and did many syndicated radio guest spots across the U.S. Kathy has also developed an innovative new program for children with autism in New Jersey, teaching them how to train their dogs to do basic obedience commands and agility courses with the ultimate goal of forming a close bond between the child and the dog. In the very near future she hopes to expand the program to include training shelter dogs to become companion/service dogs for children and adults with autism.

Dr. Kimberly Henneman, DVM, FAAVA, CVA, CVC

Animal Health Options
Park City, UT (Licensed in: AZ, CO, ID, MA, NV, UT, VT, WY 
Available for consultations in HI)

Dr. Henneman graduated from Purdue’s School of Veterinary Medicine in 1986 and has been using complementary therapies in her practice since 1990. She is certified in acupuncture (IVAS ’91), chiropractic (AVCA ’93), Chinese Herbal medicine and has advanced training in classical veterinary homeopathy. In 2006 she studied Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine in China and Tibet. In 2008 she achieved advanced certification in veterinary acupuncture, currently only one of thirteen in the country. Her sports & internal medicine practice covers 9 states, from New England to the Southwest to the Rocky Mountains to Hawaii.

Her equine patients have come from all ages and participate in every equine sporting discipline from the backyard babysitter to the FEI eventing or dressage athlete to the tried and true old ranch hand to the finely-tuned race horse. She also cares for competitive sheep dogs, agility, fly-ball, police, explosives, avalanche and Search-and-Rescue dogs as well as the occasional bucking bull.

As a popular speaker and teacher throughout the US and Europe, Dr. Henneman has taught veterinarians and horse owners about the use of complementary therapies in the performance dog and horse and the non-working cat. At the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Utah, Dr. Henneman was the veterinarian for the Budweiser Clydesdales, security patrol horses and explosives/patrol/SAR/ avalanche dogs, organizing the first-ever Service Animal Sports Medicine Center. She has accompanied members of the USET’s Endurance Team to the World Equestrian Games in Spain and the World Championships in Dubai. She has chapters in several veterinary textbooks and has written for or been quoted in magazines such as Dressage Today, Equus, Practical Horseman, Horse Illustrated, Mushing and Western Horseman. She lives in the Rocky Mountain with her husband, dogs, wad of cats and is a competitive 3-Day Event rider in her spare time.

Pat Werner – PT, CCRT

Utah Pet Rehab & Acupuncture Center, LLC
Park City, UT 435-640-5451

Received her Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Mount Saint Mary’s College in Los Angeles. She returned to Utah and practiced with human patients at an in-patient rehabilitation center focusing on neurological rehabilitation. Pat’s interest in rehabilitation for animals was sparked when her own dog, Max, was diagnosed with a progressive neurologic disorder. She made the decision to pursue her animal rehabilitation training through the Canine Rehabilitation Institute and is now a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist. Prior to opening Utah Pet Rehab and Acupuncture Center, LLC with Dr. McCall, she owned and operated Canine Rehabilitation of Park City, LLC. She is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association. She lives in Park City, Utah with her husband, daughter, four dogs and two cats.

Shawna McCall – DVM, CVA, CCRP (canidate)

Utah Pet Rehab & Acupuncture Center, LLC
Park City, UT 435-640-5451

Received her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Biology from the University of Utah in 1994. In 2003, she graduated summa cum laude from Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Shortly after obtaining her veterinary degree she completed her certification in veterinary medical acupuncture. After graduation, Dr. McCall practiced general medicine and surgery, in addition to acupuncture, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her love and commitment to acupuncture led her to open Veterinary Acupuncture Service, LLC where she provided her service to several veterinary hospitals in the Las Vegas area. When her family made the decision to move to Park City, UT, she re-established her acupuncture business and began to expand into the field of veterinary rehabilitation. Dr. McCall has received training in animal rehabilitation through the University of Tennessee Canine Physical Rehabilitation certification program. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Utah Veterinary Medical Association, the American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians, the American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture, and the International

Erika R McElwey, EqCnTPM

Change Your Range
Holyoke, MA

Erika R. McElwey, EqCnTPM has been a pioneer in the Animal Rehabilitation field for the last 13 years.  Erika certified in Equine and Canine Trigger Point Myotherapy in 1999 after an intensive year long training course at Equi~Myo Training Program in North Granby, Connecticut.  In August of 1999 she was certified to Teach this intense therapy program for Equine and Canine Trigger Point Myotherapy.  This Certification was given by Margie Amster-Herr the founder and director of the program.  Erika taught along side of Margie for two years before completing the Rider Therapy Course, through Equi~Myo, in 2001. The Rider Therapy program added to any of her Equine therapy programs help to recognize perpetuating influences from the rider/handler that reflect through the equines body and movement. In addressing the rider’s imbalances hastens the recovery/strengthening process.

She greatly enjoys this rewarding career as she continues to offer the best in care and expertise to the animals in/out of her home in Holyoke, Massachusetts. “Change your Range” is her home business where she works with the animals through their owner’s perspective in relieving muscle stiffness, soreness and lameness; through muscle enhancement techniques, muscular strength building and maintenance programs.  Her recovery programs are designed individually to meet the needs of each animal to maximize their performance.  Erika values the benefits of Hydrotherapy and incorporates this aquatic exercise into her therapy programs whenever possible. She understands that correct posture and movement is the foundation necessary for proper strength maintenance.  Networking with PetZen  and DogTread,  Erika designs Treadmill Strengthening Programs for quality In-Home exercise and more. Whether competing on a national level or simply your pet friend/companion, they should be performing at their best, comfortably!

JT Clough, Professional K9 Trainer & DogTread® Pro

K9 Coach
760-436-4DOG (4364)

JT Clough, our resident DogTread® Pro Trainer, is also the owner/founder of her own private professional dog training business in San Diego, California, K9 Coach, Inc. JT combined her professional skills with her natural ability of training dogs to inspire others to achieve a higher level of happiness, with their dog. A finisher of nine Ironman races, including two World Championships, a business degree and HHP, JT trains dogs and motivates people around the country to achieve the life they’ve always desired. JT is respected as one of the best dog trainers in the country.

“Being an athlete all of my life and having been coached by some of the best mentors in my sport, it gave me the motivation to inspire others to develop a lifestyle of health, fitness and balance, inclusive of their dog. Fitness, health and dogs have been a part of my life since, well pretty much forever”

JT has studied, applied and even taught others how to create a balanced life with calm dog training techniques through her life time commitment to health and fitness. JT is also the creator of dog wellness programs further inspiring people to introduce playtime in life through the eyes of a dog.

To schedule a private session with JT and to learn more about how Treading can benefit your dog, please visit DogTread® Pro Trainer or for additional K9 Fitness Training information please visit JT at her Blog.

JT’s Credentials and Training:
– Owner, K9 Coach, Inc.
– That’s My Dog Dog Training for People
– Extreme K9 Search Academy
– GCNM Holistic Animal Health/Behavior
– Arizona Canine Academy
– Encinitas Chamber of Commerce
– Animal Behavior College
– Int’l Assoc. of Canine Professionals
– California Holistic Health Practitioner
– No Limitations Dog Training School
– K9 Narcotic Detection Certification
– American Red Cross Dog First Aid


Christine Johnson, Professional Dog Trainer

Dogs 4 Life Training and Wellness Center,
North Aurora, IL
630 901-4597

Christine Johnson, Professional Dog Trainer and Practitioner of Acupressure/Massage Wellness, established Dogs 4 Life in 2002, with a purpose of teaching pet owners usable training techniques to resolve issues that work on their specific dogs.  

Christine has over 20 years of experience working with dogs and has competed since 2000. Her background includes performance obedience, tracking, agility, fly ball, lure coursing and conformation. Her dogs have achieved multiple titles, consistent high scores, trophies and has also published articles in multiple magazines. 

Christine continues her education as she seeks complimentary services  that add value for pet owners. She became a Practitioner of Small Animal Acupressure and Massage Wellness and in her experience, these modalities assist animals both with physical and emotional issues.  She is successful in working with conditions such as: pre and post surgery, sporting, geriatric conditions, stress and anxiety, and immune imbalances. 

Her membership affiliations include IAATH- International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing, IACP-International Association of Canine Professionals. Founder of -Professional Association for Women’s Animal Services. 

Dogs 4 Life offers educational programs to both pet professionals and owners including: People training for dogs, pet first aid- CPR, treadmill training, canine massage and acupressure for general wellness & geriatric conditions, and What’s in the Bag, canine nutrition awareness.

She is devoted to her life’s passion, Dogs 4 Life and the programs she offers continue to evolve for the need of today’s pets.

Marc Goldberg, CDT

Chicago Dog Trainer and
Chicago, IL

Marc Goldberg is a certified dog trainer specializing in the rehabilitation of difficult dogs and improving relationships. He is President of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) and Editor of SafeHands Journal. The author also educates professional dog trainers in his techniques including the ForceFree Method™.

In 1969 Marc’s first dog, Gus, came into his life, along with a host of dog related problems. Gus began life as a normal Sheltie puppy, but at the age of six months was hit by a car when he would not come when called. Fortunately, he was only injured with a fractured leg.
When he healed, Marc–who was only 12 at the time–was enrolled in dog training school along with Gus. “Teach him something so he doesn’t get killed,” his mother told him.
Before long, Marc became fascinated with dog behavior and training. He and Gus competed in many American Kennel Club obedience trials, winning High In Trial at their first show, and later, a Dog World Award.
As the youngest member of the Philadelphia Dog Training Club, Marc studied under the best dog behaviorists and trainers in the country. 
Since 1969 Marc has competed and titled many dogs of various breeds. He teaches training classes, conducts private lessons, gives behavior consultations, and has helped hundreds of people improve their relationships with their dogs.


Melissa Aguilar, CPDT

Mutt Maniacs
1104 S La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Melissa Aguilar and her partner Marcus Craft began Mutt Maniacs with the intention of promoting positive reinforcement training techniques to build foundations of trust and understanding between dogs and their pet parents.  The founders grew up around a variety of different animals with each of their families dedicated to rescuing animals from unacceptable situations.  The love and companionship they’ve received from their pets over the years is what opened the door to this career.

Over the years, they have seen the rewards that the training they offer brings to their clients’ lives – pet parents and dogs alike become so proud of their improved relationship.  Most importantly, however, they have witnessed how proper training can mean the difference between life and death for many dogs.  Focusing on the training of rescued dogs and promoting the adoption of rescues has become a priority for the pair.

As a natural extension of the dog training classes offered, they recently began to offer a variety of pet services to their clients including dog walking, pet sitting, treadmill training, etc.  By providing these additional services, pet parents can be assured that the training they have worked so hard to achieve is reinforced while they are away.