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Get out and get fit with your dog. Can’t run – then maybe biking or using a Scooter is right for you

Cardio_Scooter with your DogK9FITvest Cardio Exercise – Bike or Scooter

Collar or Harness, Leash, K9FITvest (try with and without to note form), Bike or Scooter

Repeat 3-5 times per week. Start with 5-10 minutes for an unconditioned dog. Strive for 20 continuous minutes at a Trot Gait.

Use K9FITvest. Watch for easy clean form. Combine intervals – Trot to Run segments.

Increases overall muscle strength and stamina.
Where Can I Scooter or Mountain Bike?
On designated trails. Be responsible and pick up after your dog.

Mountain Bike/Scooter Guidelines:
Start with short loops instead of a long trip.

1) Avoid concrete when you are able to minimize joint stress
2) Carry plenty of water
3) Be watchful of hazards
4) Ride within your dogs limitations
5) Stop and rest as needed
6) Increase speed as fitness levels increase

Swag_Tip_short-muzzles*When riding your bike with your dog consider a safe leash attachment.

An effort should be made to work your dog on softer surfaces such as dirt, wood chips, or a DogTread Treadmill that provides a softer surface for joints and ligaments than concrete and asphalt.

Download a workout .pdf – K9FITvest Cardio Exercises

2 responses to “Get out and get fit with your dog. Can’t run – then maybe biking or using a Scooter is right for you”

  1. SlimDoggy says:

    Great idea – we have lots of folks who can’t exercise due to injuries or whatever – love the scooter idea! What fun.
    Thanks for joining the Hop.

  2. We love this type of exercise. It’s a great way for my dog & I to get the best workout together & really enjoy our time out & about together. FUN FUN FUN when you add wheels to your run……