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How to Beat the Heat and Keep Your Dog Fit

Beat the Heat and Keep Your Dog FitDogs need exercise – even when it is hot. So how can you keep your dog in shape when the weather temps climb? Hot weather adds a level of danger that can put your dog at risk, especially for senior dogs, dogs with known breathing problems, and overweight pets, or those that have not had conditioning to warmer weather. Try these tips to eliminate the risks of dehydration or heat stroke:

1)      Provide Extra Water

Keep fresh cool water on hand (walks and runs) to keep your dog hydrated. Change the water frequently and add ice cubes or flavored broth for added attraction. Recently we tried this vitamin enhanced natural flavored formula from Licks® that our dogs loved!

2)      Outdoor Exercise

Limit outdoor exposure. If you are going to exercise outside choose cooler hours, trails with shade, or activities that put you closer to the water – and remember to put sunscreen on your dog. You may also try a cooling vest to help reduce core temperature on early morning walks. K9FITvest provides a cooling option so you can add a cool gel pack to the K9FITvest during your outdoor activities to keep them cool . Use with or without the resistance. Remember when working outside in warmer temperatures be respectful – if you are uncomfortable, your dog probably is too.

Canine Gym_Exercises3)      Indoor Exercise

There are many exercises that you can do inside to keep your dog fit and cool. Set up an indoor Canine Gym at Home. A Dog Treadmill that simulates outdoor terrain – like DogTread – provide an excellent way for your dog to get his cardio fix and stay cool. Resistance K9FITvest can be used for a number of inside strength training activities and you can add cool packs for outdoor exercise. Also, balance products like FitPAWS equipment can help strengthen your dog’s core and endurance.

For more information to keep your dog fit and cool:
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3 responses to “How to Beat the Heat and Keep Your Dog Fit”

  1. Bailey says:

    Bailey’s a reluctant drinker so we have 3 water bowls scattered through out the house to encourage him to drink. Katy’s much better and having her around reminds him to drink. Some times competition does inspire better health.

    Our dogs play with each other a good deal. Today it was a rousing game of tag. When it gets warm the AC’s will go in keeping the temps liveable.

  2. Slimdoggy says:

    Great summer advice. Must share this post.