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How Your Dog Can Adjust to a Household Move

DogTreadProAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau, an average of 14.19% of Americans will move their household every year!  That’s over 44 million people, with their approximately 22 million cats and dogs!  In 2008, the data showed that 23,468,000 moved within the same county; 7,728,000 moved to a different county in the same state; 7,628,000 moved to a different state; and 1,269,000 moved to another country.

As stressful as any move can be, regardless of the distance, your dog will also share in the stress of the move, instinctively and emotionally.  As a caring pet owner, moves give you a special opportunity to strengthen the bond between owner and pet while proactively advancing your dog’s physical and emotional health.

Here are a couple of our recommendations:

1. Keep things as normal as possible by taking regular breaks in your packing and unpacking to groom, feed, exercise and play with your dog.

2. In particular, make sure his feeding time is kept to the ‘usual’ time.  Make sure his water bowl is always full.

3. Try to observe the same bedtime that you usually do.

4. Be sure to see your vet before that big move just to make sure.

5. No matter how old and smelly they may seem, be sure to pack (and unpack) your dog’s favorite chew toys.

6. At your new home, while keeping to the familiar routine, emphasize the exercise that your dog gets, as this allows him to ‘vent’ his nervous energy and to acclimatize to the home and area.

One of your best options and tools for optimal exercise in your pet’s life is the DogTread® authentic Dog Treadmills by PetZen®.  Before you move, during the move and especially, after the move, your Dog Treadmill gives you an easy, available form of exercise for your dog.  With the one-on-one exercise the Treadmill emphasizes your relationship to your pet, which is reassuring to your dog during a period when everything appears to be in upheaval.

You won’t need to worry about the Dog Treadmill getting in the way of your move either.  It’s ‘footprint’ is conveniently small and can be kept up and available to the last minute.  Ease of packing and then ease of setting up will ensure that the DogTread® Dog Treadmill can be used throughout the moving process.  Experts agree that this kind of interaction and exercise for your dog will ensure an optimal adjustment for your dog.  Look at the advantages of the DogTread® authentic Dog Treadmills by PetZen® at

For more information on DogTread® Treadmills, dog training, dog exercise, dog health, indoor exercise for dogs and treading for dogs please email or call us at (877) 563- 5151.  You can also find us on Facebook at

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