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K9FITvest is FUNctional Canine Fitness Apparel

FUNctional Canine Fitness Apparel – 4-in-1 Design

The DogTread® 4-in-1 K9FITvest™ is fun wearable fitness apparel that provides dogs not only a calorie-burning boost, but also therapeutic, sensory integration and safety benefits.

OGDEN, Utah (April 11, 2013) – DogTread has announced that its newest ground-breaking fitness product, the gravity enhanced and patent-pending K9FITvest, will be available nationwide starting June 2013 both online and in stores. Manufactured by PetZen® … the company that brought you the award-winning DogTread®, treadmills for dogs, the K9FITvest uses a progressive program called the Fitness Level Scoring System™ to help direct gradual strengthening of a dog’s body from the inside out.

Curb Appeal Resistance Training

“We are very excited that our latest fitness tool will now be available to a larger number of dog owners,” says Krista Wickens, co-owner of PetZen Products. “The K9FITvest is simply – Wearable Fitness. It helps to increase the intensity level of any dog activity. Now an evening stroll around the block can become a Chi-Power-Walk aimed at improving canine endurance and strength, while reducing anxiety and stress.”

The gravity-enhanced K9FITvest (MSRP $69.99) was cleverly designed to integrate resistance and four-way compression control to work naturally with a dogs body and mentally to reduce anxiety. The design also helps prevent excessive shifting or sliding of weights during normal dog activities. Additional benefits include a therapeutic cold pack option for cooling muscles and warm weather; and for safety, reflective piping helps make dogs more visible during nighttime walks.

The K9FITvest is sold with an exercise program that was designed with vet approval to help guide owners on proper use and exercise form.

Uses for the K9 FITvest include:

Increasing Endurance, Calorie-burn, Building Strength, Body Awareness, Enhancing Flexibility, Proprioception/Balance Training, Prevention of arthritis, Rehabilitation Therapy, Sensory Integration for Anxiety, General Obedience Training.

The K9FITvest is available in sizes extra-small through extra-large and includes prescribed weights for three different fitness levels – Level 1 is the recommended starting level for all dogs, Level 2 and Level 3 weights can also be used with the vest, but are sold separately to encourage all dog owners to start at a Level 1. Additional colors and patterns are slated to be available for fall 2013 for further retail expansion. As well vests can be customized with company logos.

Experts using the K9FITvest have this to say:

The K9 fit vest is an exciting new product taking k9 fitness to the next level,” said Anthony Woerner, PTA, CCRP and Animal Rehab Specialist for Animal Health Options. “Its innovative design allows good freedom of movement while also being conscious of dog anatomy and functional movements. It is a good way to increase strength, and performance when used

K9FITvest Rock Star

“Proper form and function is what you want to influence when adding resistance to any training program,” said Erika McElwey, EqCnTPM, owner of Change Your Range specializing in Muscle Strengthening Programs for equines and canines. “I have been using the vest with my client’s dogs to prepare for Nationals. They are different dogs when wearing it. I see improvement in their stance immediately when wearing the vest – almost perfect – they reach more in the front when moving. I am very impressed.”

About the Company

Located at the base of the Wastatch Mountains in Ogden, Utah, PetZen® Products is a marketer, manufacturer, designer and distributor of pet products. From canine fitness equipment, including the award-winning DogTread® Treadmills, to travel and grooming gear; PetZen specializes in innovative solutions that were designed for the way unique way dogs move, think and learn. For more information about PetZen®, DogTread® Dog Treadmills or the K9 FITvest™ please visit their websites at and

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