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Keep Your Dog Cool and Calm this 4th of July


K9FITvest for Anxiety and Cooling

The 4th of July is no holiday for dogs! The sound of fireworks causes many dogs to panic and run, resulting in many lost dogs every year.

Calming Assurance – Without Restriction. The K9FITvest design integrates trigger point compression aimed at encouraging better form and focus – without restricting movement. Especially useful when guiding dogs through insecurities or introducing a new activity. Helpful when there is a lot of commotion like fireworks.

July is HOT and for many dogs, their usual activities outside become halted due to extreme heat.

Prevent Overheating – Cooling Comfort
Lightweight breathable material and cooling packs provide relief on warm days and can help reduce back inflammation. You can add chilled resistance weights for a workout, along with the gel packs for added cooling comfort.

K9FITvest Cool Vest – Focused.Cool.Fun.
Order K9FITvest with Cooling Packs here
(Weights and cooling packs can also be purchased separately)

20% off June 19- July 4

USE Code  COOL20

*Add code at checkout
Discount applies to K9FITvest Cool Vest & K9FITvest Fitness Vest
(Cool Vest comes with Cooling PacksFitness Vest comes with Weights – Both can be used for Calming)

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