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Mercy’s DogTread Gaiting Update

DogTread Treadmill Gait4Dog Dr Kerry Fisher Golden Colorado Mercy Works Out
———————Mercy Works out at Canine Rehab-Canine Fitness in Golden, CO———-

Mercy is the Wonder Dog we met a few months ago.

Turn for the worse or Temporary setback?

Mercy gaited on the DogTread Gait4Dog gaiting system again a few weeks ago. After a few minutes warm-up we started collecting data.


FitPAWS, Mercy, Dr Kerry Fisher


We were expecting normal results as Mercy had
been feeling great with no signs of lameness, competing
in weight pulls, gearing up for dock diving, doing strengthening
and balance work with FitPAWS equipment, working out on
the treadmill and enjoying life.






DogTread Treadmill Gait4Dog Dr Kerry Fisher Golden Colorado Mercy Works Out

———–GLS Score


I often gait a dog first – before hands on examination. Mercy’s walk looked pretty normal while treading but check out the GLS (Gaiting Lameness Score). It should be 100 for each limb.





Mercy_4463What’s the Plan for Mercy?

Further discussions with Mercy’s owner and rehabilitation veterinarian revealed that she had recently had some body work done on her right front after a competition. Mercy will have some additional treatment and we will re-gait soon to see if the GLS improves. The DogTread Gaiting system will help monitor progress and aid in treatment choice decisions.


For additional information:

Dr-Kerry_FisherAbout the Author: Kerry Fisher, DVM, CCRP ~ your Canine Fitness Expert. Throughout her career as a veterinarian, Dr. Fisher has focused on “Pre-hab and Rehab” for animals, pioneering therapeutic & conditioning exercises with FitPAWS Equipment. She owns Canine Rehab ~ Canine Fitness Unleashed!, a Colorado based Canine Gym with Injury Prevention and Canine Rehabilitation services. She has a passion for and experience with Sports Medicine for sporting, search & rescue, performance, working and hunting dogs. Dr. Kerry also has unique concepts for working with senior canine fitness, weight management, pain management, and behavior modification through exercise. She provides educational hands-on seminars and workshops worldwide. Do you want to take your dog’s fitness to another level? Let’s Get in Touch for a Fitness Assessment and Coaching for your dog. Dr. Kerry uses the DogTread Treadmill-Gait4Dog integrated software system for early Lameness Detection and monitoring the progress your dog is making during the course of rehabilitation. Injury prevention is key! Dr. Fisher is an athlete herself, enjoying endurance triathlons, mountain biking, bicycle touring, backpacking and telemark skiing. She biked, camped and toured 4,000 miles across the Northern Tier of the USA with her yellow Labrador, Mr. Mitchell. 2015 brings some challenging events to her plate: Ironman Arizona (140.6 mile event) and Leadville 100 mountain bike race (103 mile race at 10,000 feet+ elevation). As founder of Grit Gals, Kerry blogs to share her training tactics for these intense races. Human Fitness and Canine Fitness intertwined – to help you and your dogs reach your goals.

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