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K9FITvest Rock Star WorkoutLearning to stand up on an obstacle requires focus, balance and skill – turn your dog into a Rock Star with this Stand drill

Rocks are great obstacles to perform a variety of strength exercises for your your dog. Choose one that is relatively smooth and large enough to perform the activity

Dog Workout ToolsTOOLS:
Collar or Harness, Leash, K9FITvest (try with and without to note form)


K9 Workout DurationDURATION:
5-10 repetitions each set. Repeat 1-3 sets.


K9 Workout IntesityADD INTENSITY:
Look for higher rocks or add the K9FITvest to increase intensity.


K9 Workout strengthenSTRENGTHENS:
Tones and strengthens feet, abs, hind limbs and back limbs.


DogTread sWag Training tipWhat is a Rock Star?
Rock Star is an obstacle exercise that engages and strengthens your dogs entire body. It consists of a variety of exercises that can be performed on a flat surface or an elevated rock?

Where Can I Do Rock Star Exercises?
This is an outdoor activity
Rock Star Stand Guidelines:
1) Start with your dog in front of you, facing you.
2) On a leash, lure with a treat or toy held above head height
2) Give the verbal cue “Stand”
3) Entice the dog to follow your treat upwards releasing the front feet from the rock.
4) Reward. Repeat.

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  1. Slimdoggy says:

    Great article. Is this harder for larger dogs? I just have a hard time imagining jack up on his back legs. Thanks for joining the Hop!

  2. DogTread says:

    Yes, this is much harder for big dogs. Strengthening core activities like the FitPAWS products are great to help prepare larger dogs to do this exercise. My dog Jasper, a 65lb Lab use to do this well with the right lure….her S.T.I.C.K. Finding the right motivator is a key in teaching dogs new exercises!