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Pet Obesity Awareness Day – Infographic

It is National Pet Wellness Month and today it is Pet Obesity Awareness Day. The day was started by the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention ; and the cause started by Veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward back in 2005. It was in his practice he saw first hand the number of overweight and obese pets coming into his exam rooms. From this he began creating awareness about the massive life threatening epidemic facing our pets.

We are grateful for his work and are motivated by his initiative to also help spread the word. As a partner with many Vets, Rehab Therapists, Trainers and Dog Owners we are influenced on a daily basis by stories of our furry friends and their health challenges and recoveries! In an attempt to provide greater value to our growing pet family we created the following infographic so that it can be spread and shared with others. The content is not ours alone – most of it comes from Dr. Ward and his organization, some from the American Pet Products Association, and also from our own Canine Fitness Advisors.

We encourage you to please sign up and be part of the Annual Pet Obesity Awareness study and help educate and create awareness in your community.

To shine light on the subject year round and stay involved with pet health, we would like to also encourage you to sign up with our initiative. It’s FREE! If you are already fit, join others and help motivate. If you need help there are many tips and a community of dog lovers that are standing by to help.

National Pet Obesity Day

*Download PDF Infographic


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