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Dog Programs



Treading for Dogs DVD

Set the pace and get your dogs fitness on track. If you are curious about Treading and want to learn more, this Exclusive Instructional DVD can show you how to get started with techniques that are easy and safe.

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Dog Treadmill 30 Day Journal

The DogTread® Treading for Dog 30 day Journal can help your dog reach his/her fitness and performance potential by providing you with the tools you need to incorporate daily exercise anytime, anywhere in any weather.

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Canine_Gym_App_Phone-smCanineGym Fitness App by Slim Doggy

Whether your dog needs to lose or gain weight, a safe and healthy weight change will take time. This app provides estimates on how long it will take your dog to reach their target weight (ETA) based on 3 feeding scenarios.

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Canine Gym Training

Kathy Santo– Professional Dog Trainer, and Krista Wickens Founder of PetZen Products/DogTread, have teamed up to provide your dog with the Golden DuoMental and Physical Exercise, in DogTread’s newest Fitness Program innovation – Canine Gym At Home.

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K9FITvest Programs

Fun. Wearable. Fitness. Walk or run – Whatever your dog does, the gravity enhanced K9FITvest was designed to do it too! The patent-pending design allows natural freedom of movement, while also being conscious of canine anatomy. We have developed revolutionary programs to enhance your dogs workout with the K9FITvest. Sign up to receive these downloadable workouts Learn More…





My K9 Coach

Get personalized workouts for your Dog with My K9 Coach.

Meet Our K9 Coaches