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Dog Sports

Making fitness fun is what dog sports are all about. It’s a way to get outside and get in shape. With so many great activities to choose from how and where do you start?

1) Choose a sport that your dog enjoys and is suited for his or her breed

Do a little research and see what types of activities your dog is best suited to do. Then try it and see if (s)he enjoys it. If its just a matter of some training to make it more enjoyable – then invest in some training.

2) Choose a sport that is supported in your area
It is much easier to start a sport and learn the rules if you have a club or individuals in the area that already compete in a sport you would like to try. Go to a few events and ask questions.

3) Be realistic about the time and effort you will devote to your dog and the sport
If you don’t have the time to devote and support getting your dog into shape, then consider an alternative. The worst thing you can do is push your dog into an event (s)he is not ready physically or mentally to tackle. The result could be a poor experience for you and your dog, or worse an injury could result.

This page is dedicated to exposing you to some great dog sports – we will be adding to it regularly:


Dock Diving

No size or breed limitation for this sport – your dog just needs to love to jump, retrieve and enjoy water. There are two types of competitions: 1) Distance and 2) Vertical. The first Dock Diving event was featured in 1997 on Incredible Dog Challenge sponsored by Purina. From that event,  several organizations  now support and promote Dock Diving events including: Splash Dogs, Dock Dogs, Ultimate Air Dogs, American Diving Dogs, and Super Retriever Series. In the UK Dash-n-Splash.

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Looking for a great sport that will test and challenge your mental and physical fitness – as well as your dogs. Then Agility may be your thing. This is not a sport for the faint of heart or time. Expect to put efforts into developing both to be successful. If competition is not your thing you can always learn from the experts new exercises to do with your dog in your backyard. Great for developing mental focus, physical fitness and bond with your friend. It is much easier if your dog is food and/or toy motivated.

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