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Running in a dog’s mind: A Dog’s View of Exercise

I don’t understand why I take my dog out for a walk and he comes home and suddenly starts with zoomies around the house.  Out of control.  It’s sooooDogs-Running-Sevenfrustrating.”

This is a comment I get repeatedly as a professional dog trainer.  I’ve come to a place of understanding where the dog is coming from and I also understand why the person is frustrated.  After all you DID take your dog for a walk.  You aren’t being a bad dog parent… really.

Person’s View of Exercise

We are a society that is exercise deprived.  We are busy.  We have little time and when we do get out to walk the dog, we do just that…. WALK the dog.  We walk the dog at a speed we are comfortable with.  From a fast walk to a stroll most dogs are honestly quite frustrated with it.  It is simply too slow.

Dog’s View of Exercise

Honestly we all know it.  Dogs love to run with wild abandon.  They like to frolic.  A dog’s running pace is much faster than most people, including many runners.  Even small dogs.  It’s just the way they are built.  Movement is natural to a dog.

And so the dog that only gets to walk, or one who gets no walk at all ends up incredibly frustrated if there isn’t some alternative to release all that energy.

It comes out in zoomies.  It comes out in chewing your house and your things.  It comes out in barking at everything that thinks about moving by your house or your car.  It comes out in pulling so hard on the leash it really is not fun in the slightest way to go for a walk.  So you stop.  You start again.  The same thing happens.  It’s frustrating.

Dog wishes do come true.

One thing is for sure, underneath it all we really know dogs love to run.  When losing an older dog in all the sadness, the number one picture we hold in our heads about them is that they are running gleefully in an open field.  With joy and peace and freedom.

Give Your Dog the Joy of Running in This Life

Run your dog on a treadmill. (link ) Not only will your dog be happier with the running pace, that list of crazy behavior disappears.

It’s a gift of a longer healthier lifestyle for your dog and can certainly give you more years with what becomes your most loyal friend.

If your dog could talk in English guaranteed they would look up at you with longing, big doggy eyes and say, “Please, can I have a treadmill.  It will be sooo much fun for me cause I really love to run and I hardly ever get to do that now.  It would be my most favorite present ever.”

Your dog deserves it. Get a dog treadmill. It’s for a really good well worth it reason.

by Jt Clough, 9 time Ironman finisher, change maker and author and creator of  5K Training Guide | Running with Dogs (link ), Treading for Dogs DVD (link ), and writer at Big Island Dog (link ( ) I encourage you to make that change you want so badly today!

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4 responses to “Running in a dog’s mind: A Dog’s View of Exercise”

  1. The dog treadmill arrived in early December and I began using it with four dogs immediately. One adult, one senior and two 8 month old puppies. Previously I had used a human treadmill with the dogs – too short and the post supporting the counsel got in the way. The dogs are Samoyeds (working dogs) for many years I ran a racing sled dog team so I am very used to and expecting my dogs to work. The treadmill gives them the exercise they need for a healthy life and now that they have adapted to the treadmill and love it I can use some other exercise equipment, check e-mail, surf the web, pay bills – whatever as long as I am there in the event anything goes wrong. Sledding would be more fun for dogs and me but not possible currently. Therefore, this is a great alternatived.

  2. Leanora Roberson says:

    I purchased a doggy treadmill a few years ago but my husband made me send it back because we don’t have alot of room in our little house for an item of that size. Even though I bought the smallest pet treadmill available, it was still rather large! My dog is a teensy Yorkie. She only weighs 6 pounds. I don’t need anything that was the size of that particular treadmill. So until someone finally makes a teeny treadmill for my teeny dog and teeny house – I suppose I won’t be able to buy a pet treadmill.

  3. Thank you for the comments, we love your feedback!

  4. Marjorie Singer says:

    I purchased a medium size PetZen tredmill a few months back for my Jack Russell. He loves it and looks forward to getting on it each night..It took only 2 times on the tredmill before he was completely used to and looking forward to it..he just jumps right upon top and lets me know he is ready to go..I’m glad I got the medium size because it gives him just the little extra in legnth which he needed.
    The quality of the tredmill is nice too. If you struggle getting enough exercise for your dog like I did..this is your answer.