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Shape Up With Shadow – Dog Diet, Workout & Weight Loss

21-DogTreading-blogObesity is a serious issue for pets. It can take years from their life expectancy.   A study from the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention found that about 93 million dogs and cats in America — or more than half of the dogs and cats in the United States — are overweight or obese.  No dog should have to suffer the ailments of obesity.

What Can You Do:

You can join us while we Shape Up With Shadow!  Shadow arrived 6 weeks ago.  His family surrendered him, in part, because he could no longer fit through the doggy door.  They felt bad that he was out in the elements and not able to get into the house.

At 23 inches tall (short for a male) Shadow arrived at 136 lbs.  His chest was 43 inches, his middle was 40 inches and his hips were 37 inches.  The doctor said he should weigh 65-70 lbs.  He needs to lose half of himself.  We measured across his back – it is 16 inches across.

Norcal Golden Retriever Rescue wants you to take a good look at your dog.  Is she pudgy is he fat?  Do your best friend a favor and help them lose the pounds.

  • Check the fat content in your dog food.  Make sure it is a high quality food that is well balanced.
  • Have your vet examine your dog and recommend a goal weight.
  • Get out and exercise your dog.  Take them for a walk or consider getting a doggy treadmill

Dog Diet, Workouts & Weight Loss Progress

Jt Clough & Dr. Liz Devitt, DVM from Fit For Dogs are on board with us to make sure that Shadow’s weight loss is done with his health in mind.  Follow our blog here and you’ll find updates to the actual fitness program that was designed for Shadow.  Updates on weekly workouts will be posted.  Upcoming information for you on how to take your dogs’ heart rate so that you don’t overdo their workout.

Shadow will be using a dog treadmill from as part of his workout routine.

If you would like to support Shadow on his journey you can Pledge for Pounds.  Shadow’s weight loss goal is 65 lbs.  Can you give $1.00 per pound? $.50 cents per pound?  Your pledge will help Norcal continue to make a difference for our most needy Golden Retriever dogs.  PLEDGE

Shirlee, Shadow’s care taker through NorCal Golden Retriever Rescue researched a number of foods and found that Orijen from Champion Pet Foods was a high quality food with an excellent balance.  She contacted the company and we asked them if they would be interested in supporting our efforts.  They have offered to supply Shadow with his food for the duration of his weight loss program.   Orijen has won pet food of the year two years in a row.  The company uses quality human grade meat, no fillers, no corn, no wheat, no hormones, no antibiotics.  It is not a diet food – Shadow’s intake will be managed based on calories needed.

You don’t always have to use a special food for weight loss, but you should discuss it with your veterinarian before you get started.  Weight loss should be targeted at 1-2% per week.  Slow and healthy is the way to go.  We want Shadow and all his friends to lose the fat and become healthy and fit.

Follow his progress, watch him on his treadmill, and see him shrink to the dog he should be.

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Please join Shadow as he begins a new life of fitness and health and give your dog a longer, healthier life too.  We want to know your dogs’ story.  Send in your information and we will add you to blog and give you support and information on how to get your dog in shape too.  Be sure to include a picture and all your dogs’ stats so that we can track your dogs progress.

Look for updates on Shadow’s progress our dog treadmill blog and on Facebook, Twitter, Dog Training San Diego and Fit For Dogs.

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  1. K9 Coach says:

    Shape up with Shadow! Golden Retriever surrendered cuz he couldn't fit through the dog door!

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    RT @DogTreadPro: Shape Up With Shadow

  3. RT @DogTreadPro: Shape Up With Shadow

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    Shape up with Shadow! Dogs do in fact inspire people to be & do good too…