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Sit To Down – Front Limb/Shoulder Muscles

Dog Front Limb Shoulder StretchSit to Down is another exercise that can double as a warm up and a strengthening exercise. This exercise will help warm up and prepare the muscles, joints and connective tissues for the challenges of many activities from running to agility. To incorporate as a strength activity add resistance and increase time to each position.

Dog Workout ToolsTOOLS:
Collar or Harness, Leash, K9FITvest (try with and without to note form)


K9 Workout DurationDURATION:
For Warm Up: 5-10 times, Hold each position 5-10 seconds
For Strength: 10-20 times, Hold each position 15-20 seconds.


K9 Workout IntesityADD INTENSITY:
To incorporate as a strength activity, add resistance like the K9FITvest and increase hold time and repetitions

DogTread Training Tips

K9 Workout strengthenSTRENGTHENS:
Front limbs and shoulder muscles.


What is Sit to Down?
Sit to Down is an easy exercise that helps your dog work on commands as well as its body. Start your dog in sitting position and then ask your dog to lie down.

Where Can I Do Sit to Down Exercises?
Sit to Down can be performed inside or outside. Start with a level surface and advance to using balance tools like a balance disc or K9FITbone for front or hind limbs to change center of gravity and muscle focus.

FitDog Friday Blog Hope DogTread wins 2014 Cross-Train Award

DogTread wins 2014 FitDog Friday Cross-Train Award



Sit to Stand Guidelines:
It is recommended that you start with a Controlled
Walk before asking your dog to do Sit to Down.
1) Ask Your Dog to Sit Squarely on Hind Legs. Hold
2) Then Ask Your Pet to Lie Down for a Few Seconds
3) Ensure Your Dog Comes Down Completely to the Floor
4) Then Sit Again. Repeat.
* Watch for signs of weakness or soreness. If your dog is sitting to one side repeatedly there may be more at play with your dog and we recommend that you see a Vet or Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner or Therapist for a thorough exam.

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6 responses to “Sit To Down – Front Limb/Shoulder Muscles”

  1. slimdoggy says:

    Great exercise – good tip about watching if the lean to detect pain or soreness. Thanks for joining the Hop!

  2. Hopping over from Fit Dog Friday. Looks like some good exercise.

  3. Get lesson, I need to do more of that exercise for warm up and for their therapy class so they lay down as soon as I tell them too. Have a great weekend.

  4. Great exercise! We’ll try these on our balance disc!
    Diane and Rocco

  5. That is a great exercise and we do it all of the time.