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The Job of Rescue Dogs In Japan – Does Your Dog Need A Job?

The recent earthquake followed by a tsunami in Japan has brought unbelievable stories to the eyes of the world and how fragile it can be.  The devastation for people and their pets are too great to fathom even when seeing the photos broadcast on the news.  It is a big reminder that those of us who are safe and sound in homes with our dogs, cats and other pets have much to be thankful for.

Stories of dogs who have gone over on rescue teams to help search the rubble for those who may be alive and for those who have passed on give light to the great jobs dogs have the ability to do.  Freezing temperatures, snowfall and lack of electricity did not deter a team of 74 Los Angeles County Firefighters from carrying out a a very difficult rescue mission last week.

20-DogTreading-blog-261x174 has given heroic efforts to in the Japan search efforts as well.   The foundation rescues dogs from shelters and trains them to become search dogs.  The Search Dog Foundation is forming 21 new Canine Disaster Search Teams in 2011 to meet the critical demand.  Find out you can help:  Search Dog Foundation

Does Your Dog Need A Job?

While these dogs have a very important role in not only finding survivors and the deceased, they also play a big role in comfort.  Most people who have dogs will admit that when something happens, your dog is usually first on the scene to console in a very understanding way.

Search and rescue is not for every dog but there are many things you can do with your dog to not only make life the best for you and your family but bring joy to those around you as well.  In the article Forget the Bone – Give Your Dog Job there are many ideas you can start doing with your dog.

In light of the disaster in Japan make an effort to enjoy every moment.  Get out in the fresh air and do something new.  Know that spending time with your dog in a social way can give joy to not only you but those around you.  And remember that whether a dog is on a search and rescue mission or your personal family dog, there is much to be thankful for.

Move, enjoy and wag more.

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