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Dog Treadmill Training Videos

Now the fun begins! You are now ready to learn to tread.

How much time it takes for you to teach your dog to use the dog treadmill really depends on you and it depends on your dog. Our dog-specific design has been proven to accelerate the training process considerably as it eliminates some of the barriers found on human treadmills. However, every dog is different and so is every human. Generally speaking, we have found that if you are consistent with your introduction and commands… and follow the training guidelines that most dogs are easily walking on the treadmill within the first week.

Every DogTread® purchase includes a Treading for Dogs: Instructional DVD and  30-Day K9 Exercise Program, which provides easy practical tips, to help Real People and Real Dogs Tread with ease. As always we are here to help, if you still have questions our staff of professionals are here to help

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