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Pumpkin Dog Food and Treats Recipes

il_fullxfull.350097424-300x270Pumpkin Dog Food and Treats Recipes

Pumpkin Dog Food + Treats Recipes was was written as a remedy to itching scratching and licking for dogs. Pumpkin and coconut oil are recipe staples with healing properties.

I created this dog food + treat recipe book out of my study of dog health and as it turns out the saying “You are what you eat” applies to dogs too. Most dogs these days are only eating kibble. Processed food. McDoggle style! This is a digital download and created as a living document which means every time I add a recipe or an update to it you receive it for free. Even better than buying a book that can become outdated and doesn’t offer you ongoing updates, new recipes!

Pumpkin and coconut oil are in every recipe in this digital book. Good for digestion but more so the anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti parasite properties are a huge help to any dog’s health and wellness.

Most all recipes included are also gluten free!

Make these recipes and treats as supplements to your dog’s diet and know your dog is getting real nutrition.

There are recipes that make great gifts for other dog lovers.

But mainly your own dog will LOVE the food!

You can know you are giving your dog real food with real nutrition with no chance of the toxic chemicals and additives that keep showing up in dog food + treats recalls. These recalled foods are killing dogs. In fact in May of 2012 the biggest recall of premium dog foods + treats occurred.

I love my dogs Carmella and Emmy and this recipe book is dedicated to them.

I love my clients’ dogs and I want them all to live healthy, happy. long lives. I want that for your dog too!

As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Aloha wags!

*note this is a digital download and you will receive your download once your order has processed. You’ll also receive updates every time I add to the book. *The beauty of a digital work is I can make it interactive and new as I add information. No need to buy a whole new book!

**the shipping charge is $0 but should you order a physical product like the Pumpkin Noni Coconut Oil Dog Treats there is a shipping charge for the physical product!

***The Pumpkin Noni Coconut Oil Dog Treats are a dehydrated super food and it’s my secret recipe. You won’t receive it in the Pumpkin Dog Food + Treats Recipes!

Price: $150.00