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DogTread Dog Treadmills


DogTread® Pet Treadmills for Your Canine


Small Dog Treadmill

Recommended for dogs up to 30 lbs – *See New Design

Ideal for small dogs and small spaces. The Small DogTread® Treadmill features an attractive pet-friendly design and hands-on instruction that make it easy…Learn More


Medium Dog Treadmill

Recommended for dogs up to 60 lbs

For dogs weighing up to 55-60 lbs the Medium DogTread® Canine Treadmill includes a more than adequate 4′ running surface. The whisper-quiet motor is… Learn More



Large Dog Treadmill

Recommended for dogs up to 150 lbs

The Large DogTread® Dog Treadmill is perfect for all breeds up to 150 lbs. The long deck and running surface provide ample room…Learn More



Extra Large Pro Dog Treadmill

Recommended for dogs up to 225 lbs

The Extra Large Pro DogTread® Dog Treadmill is perfect for all breeds up to 225 lbs.The long deck and heavy duty 1.5 continuous horse power motor provide and reinforced running deck was especially made for large breeds. –  Learn More

DogTread_Gait4Dog_Dog_TreadmillGait4Dog Pro Treadmill – Gait Diagnostic Tool

Measure and evaluate gait with patent-pending Gait4Dog GLS (Lameness Score) Technology and provide your clients with quantifiable data to diagnose and track rehabilitation and sports conditioning program performance.



We know you aren’t just looking to invest in a dog treadmill. You want to invest in your dog’s health and well-being. You may be considering it for for weight management, sports conditioning, rehabilitation or behavior. Whatever your reason it can help your dog get the most out of the years ahead.

Today, over 52% of dog’s are considered overweight or obese. More than 50% of dogs are left home alone for more than 8 hours at a time. These dogs are automatically predisposed to a shorter life span (by up to 2 years) and a list of diseases that are completely preventable with the right diet and exercise. Additionally, millions of dogs are now participating in canine sports and many of them ill-prepared for the activities they are asked to do. (Source: Association of Pet Obesity Prevention and APPA National Pet Owners Survey)

We get it. Life is busy. That is why we provide NO EXCUSE solutions that help you and your dog to maintain a regular fitness program, even when life gets hectic. A dog treadmill is not a replacement for getting outside, but it can help you fit in the much needed intense exercise your dog needs on a daily basis.

Why we are different?


Overweight pets, have a higher incidence of life-stealing health complications. Even as much as 2-3 extra pounds may be slightly damaging your dog’s vital organs. Exercise can help you avoid costly medical procedures in the future.

Small DogTread                               Medium DogTread                     Large DogTread

$399 2 Year Warranty                         $599 2 Year Warranty                   $799 2 Year Warranty

= $20/ day for 30 days                       =$26/day for 30 days                   =$33/day for 30 days

= $1.64/day for 1 Year                       =$2.18/day for 1 Year                  =$2.70/day for 1 Year


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