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Dog_Hind-Stretch_ExerciseHind Stretch is great for your dogs back, neck and hind limbs to increase muscle resilience and flexibility. Be creative this exercise can be done on a flat surface, a chair, a rock or a bench.

Dog Workout ToolsTOOLS:
Collar or Harness, Leash, K9FITvest (try with and without to note form).


K9 Workout DurationDURATION:
For Warm Up: 5-10 times, Hold Hind Stretch for 5 seconds; move up to 10-15 seconds.

K9 Workout IntesityADD INTENSITY:
Hind Stretch targets your dogs back, neck and hind gluteal muscles.


K9 Workout strengthen

Hind Stretch targets your dogs back, neck and hind gluteal muscles.


sWag Training Tip by DogTreadWhat is Hind Stretch
Hind limbs provide power for propulsion and jumping.

Where Can I Do Hind Stretch?
Hind Stretch can be performed inside or outside. Start with a level surface and advance to using balance tools or tools that help elevate the front limbs that enable full extension in the back and hind limbs as seen in the pictures above.

Hind Limb Guidelines:
It is recommended that you start with your dog standing.
1) Use a High-Value Smelly Treat for a Lure
2) Bring the Treat Just Slightly Higher than the Nose
3) Encourage your Dog to Reach Forward Extending from the Neck
4) Place Your Leg in Front of Rear Legs to Keep Your Dog from Stepping Forward with Hind Legs
5) If Your Dog Steps Forward then Start Over

Strive for full extension of the hind legs, neck, back.


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