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We Are In The Business of Canine Fitness

When it comes to Canine Fitness, DogTread is Changing the Game!

DogTread provides canine specific equipment and programs that enable dog professionals and dog owners to keep dogs fit, healthy and living longer. We do this by providing our customers with access to canine fitness programs, tools, and expertise that were all created for the unique way dogs move, think and learn.

DogTread helps its customers:

  • Create Winning Canine-Specific Fitness Programs for Home and Canine Facilities
  • Improve Canine Health Naturally
  • Implement Expert-designed Programs with Detailed Instruction
  • Understand Breed Specific Exercise Requirements and Limitations
  • Achieve Success

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DogTread is not just another dog treadmill company. We study and design for optimal canine movement – to provide the best in dog conditioning and fitness.

Our dog treadmill was designed for the unique way dogs move, think and learn. In other words, they were specifically created for dogs and they address the finest details of canine movement and behavior.

The first Dog Treadmills were first designed as a tool for dogs to assist with farm chores. Nothing about them was designed for optimal canine movement or optimal fitness. High sides, steep incline and leash binding mechanisms held the dog in place until they finished their job.

DogTread created the first dog treadmill specifically designed to support optimal canine fitness movements the way nature intended. We first considered the source of quality movement. It comes from providing open, unrestricted pathways and positive motivation.  The result is an open platform that works with your dog’s natural movements.  All of our design features have been included for a purpose, and your dog benefits fully from each and every one of them.

We have continued our philosophy of optimal movement and extended it into additional Canine Fitness products. Now we provide all the tools you need to set up a Canine Gym of your own to target the four areas of canine conditioning for your canine athlete or companion pet(s).

DogTread Interview Published on August 16, 2012 by

DogTread-Safe-Dog-Treadmill-Training-300x200Pet Daily Press: How did this concept of working out dogs on treadmills get started?

DogTread: The origin of the treadmill started with animals. In fact, animal treadmills were being used long before a human ever stepped foot on one. The first treadmills were agricultural machines that accommodated animals like dogs, sheep, and horses to automate chores.

Nicholas Potter, of Troy PA is noted as the father of the first dog treadmill. But rather than marketing it as an exercise device for dogs it was marketed as a practical devise for churning butter, grinding stones, fanning mills, corn shelters and later cream separators. It featured high sides and leash binding mechanisms that physically held the dog into position. These machines were not designed in the better interest of canine movement or anatomy. They were designed to complete a job. It wasn’t until around the 1960’s that dogs were seen using a dog treadmill for exercise – yet they still used the same features (high sides and leash attachments) as the previous farm chore equipment dictated.

PDP: How long have you been in the dog treadmill business?

DT: We have been in the Dog Treadmill business since 2008, in the treadmill business and the fitness business since 1987. Our fitness industry experience provided us with valuable knowledge about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to developing excellent product, excellent treadmills, educational programs and helping people incorporate it into their lives.

Just like people, we saw dogs facing the same serious health, fitness and behavior challenges due to the lack of exercise. Lifestyle and culture have led to less healthy pets and people. From open spaces to apartment dwelling we have physically shrunk the area that dogs need to be happy and healthy. For an animal that instinctively was born to move it is no wonder that more than 53% of our dogs are overweight – it is not healthy to be confined.

DogTread® was inspired by the need for an unconventional open platform dog treadmill that was designed to enhance a dog’s natural movements, rather than people, and to satisfy their primal need to be walked the right way. After two years of testing and working with top dog professionals, we launched DogTread.

Our unique low-profile natural running platform was the first designed to simulate a pack led outdoor migration experience and reduce joint stress and fatigue. The low training boundaries and integrated console provide a positive position, and the treat training bowl provides positive reinforcement that triggers the drive to hunt for food. The noticeable absence of a leash binding mechanism invites dog owners to take a more active role in their dog’s health regimen.

Other dog-friendly favorites include a continuous duty whisper-quiet motor and no vibration. Constructed to handle the rigors and demands of everyday our treadmills also offer variable speed controls, a remote control, programmable time and distance and adjustable incline to vary training intensity. All are built with a compact space-saving design and wheels that make them easy to store and transport.

P: Why the need for a dog treadmill?

D: In addition to its usefulness as a tool to combat the rapid health degradation of our furry friends, other reasons for a dog treadmill often include basic exercise, behavior modification, conditioning and rehabilitation. Movement, performed at different intensity levels, is a key solution for a variety of dog challenges and increasing lifespan. Movement satisfies their primal need to be walked, which benefits them on many physical and emotional levels. 15% of us live in apartments or condos, the number of leash only parks and laws have increased, weather and our schedules prevent dogs from moving in a manner that satisfies their instincts to walk or run.

Dogs are not like humans, they have their own unique needs and the instinct to move daily at a forward continuous speed, for at least 45 minutes or more, is important to their core well being. Most people don’t know, but there is a right way to walk a dog and it doesn’t include a leisurely stroll around the block sniffing and peeing. Your dog should walk behind you or beside you, not in front of you. While this may appear silly, your dog is looking for your lead. When you let the dog walk in front of you, you are communicating that he or she is the one in charge. Our DogTread was designed to reinforce the right way walk – with lower sides and an integrated console a more natural environment is established where you can position yourself beside or in front of your dog. Your dog’s brain automatically connects with the continuous movement and your positive position to help establish the highest level of fitness and behavior for your dog.


Are there brick and mortar places to buy your product, around the US, or only online at this time?

Yes, we have an Authorized Dealer network set up across the U.S. While we aren’t in every city yet, it is our goal. We have a number of independent stores around the country as well as Vets and Trainers that use, sell and demonstrate our DogTread’s. We also sell direct online from our website

In our line of work we see a lot of dogs with anxiety problems; do you have any examples of dogs where you’ve seen direct improvement of this condition from use of your product?

Absolutely, we have seen it first hand in the dogs we have worked with and second hand from our customers when they call to tell us how the DogTread has helped their dog. Behaviorists believe that dogs that are taken for walks are better behaved and less destructive/aggressive/anxious. The problem for many trying to get their dogs over these challenges is the risk of confrontation with another dog or human. DogTread Dog Treadmills allow them to work on these undesired behaviors in a controlled environment before taking them outside. The transition becomes much easier. For many dogs facing these behavior challenges we recommend that they work with their dog inside on the DogTread before transitioning outside. In most cases, improvement is seen in the first session.

How about with puppy-mill, or shelter dogs?

Personally, I don’t get puppy mills or taking a dog to a shelter, but it happens. The answer is the same for these dogs. All dogs need movement. They need to move and they need to do it at a speed that is brisk enough to trigger endorphins and reinforce their primal movement instincts, or they can become at odds with themselves. No animal should be forced to live in a kennel or a box. Unfortunately, dogs that are labeled destructive and ill behaved often wind up in Shelters, or worse put down. Their owners complain that they just won’t behave, or are too much work. In reality, if they had used a DogTread their labeled behavior challenges could have been overcome. We have had many positive testimonials from customers who have used the DogTread to rehabilitate their shelter dogs and we are pleased to say they have their fur-ever homes.

We also see a lot of mobility issues with senior/arthritic dogs. Can you speak to that in terms of use of your product?

Mobility issues and arthritis issues have been linked in both the human and pet world to food that causes inflammation and not enough exercise. Joints that aren’t moving become rusty. Exercise, massage and good nutrition can help lubricate the joints and tissues. That being said, once a dog has one of these conditions controlled continuous motion (and nutritious food) can be a key in strengthening these areas to reduce soreness, but it is important not to overdo and to exercise on a surface that won’t cause additional strain and pain.

DogTread’s low-profile natural running platform was designed specifically to help reduce joint stress and fatigue. Instead of a rigid platform design, DogTread was engineered to flex in just the right spots under the weight of the dog, so the joints are not pounding on a hard unforgiving surface. DogTread helps to dissipate the energy versus sending it straight back into the joint and helps your dog to stride light and right. For extreme cases, a non-weight bearing water treadmill could be useful to help establish range of motion and reduce soreness.

Of course we are also seeing a growing trend of overweight dogs, and many of those same dogs have the above listed problems as well. What do you advise a pet parent who has all these problems present in their dog, and just doesn’t know where to begin?

The first step is changing perceptions. Changing perceptions may well save many dogs:

  • A Few Extra Pounds are Cute – dog owners are underestimating the potential health threat caused by a few extra pounds. Just a few pounds have serious consequences to the internal organs and functions of the body and can decrease the lifespan by more than 2 years.
  • I Walk my Dog – walking around the block letting your dog lead you does not constitute a meaningful purposeful activity. Exercise must be performed with intensity and purpose. This is where a dog treadmill can become an invaluable tool for maintaining a healthy metabolism and behavior.
  • My Dog has a Big Backyard – put a dog outside alone and watch what happens, after a few minutes they settle down and conserve energy saving it for you the next time you check on them. Don’t assume that just because your dog is outside that he/she is exercising. Ensure your dog is getting its daily movement fix, whether that is outside on the trail, or inside on a dog treadmill.
  • I Buy Healthy Dog Food– most commercial foods today, even diet foods, are spiked with excess fiber, sugar and fat that change your dogs chemistry. Education on reading dog food labels is important in healing your dog from the inside out.
  • My Dog is Destructive – destructive actions are often born from boredom which equates to lack of exercise. Exercising and participating in activity with your dog helps define this role with your dog.

Where do you see your business going long term? 

Dogs worldwide face serious health, fitness and behavior challenges due to their modern day lifestyles. 54% of dog owners leave their best friend home alone for more than 9-10 hours at a time each day, dogs have been rewired to become addicted to canine fast food, and the obesity rate (meaning dogs that weigh over 30% more than their recommended weight) has doubled in just 4 years from 10% to 21.4%. Exercise needs to be at the forefront of all discussions people have about the health of their pet. Our goal is to carry the canine message of purposeful movement to help dog owners understand its importance to life quality and longevity.

For us continual research and design, through the eyes of dogs, is integral to finding better ways to care for dogs. We are currently involved in several projects, including a landmark study for Canine Obesity and Fitness in Florida a 12 week on site program that was specifically designed to show that a structured weight loss and fitness program can help a dog lose weight and improve overall health and fitness. The purpose is to understand more thoroughly the current fitness level of America’s dogs and is aimed at validating the efficacy of the most recent techniques in canine health and fitness. Other projects include programs to assist service dogs and their families, dogs with disabilities and canine rehabilitation research and development.

Thank you DogTread® for a wonderful and informative interview! We look forward to telling Pet Parents about your product!

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