How To Discipline A Dog After Fighting (5 Effective Tips)

How To Discipline A Dog After Fighting (Effective Tips)

No one wants to be embarrassed to watch your dog get aggressive with another dog, especially if your dog is the initiator. The apologies and excuses might put you in a difficult position, and you could be tempted to punish your dog; hence, you should know how to discipline a dog after fighting. Even when … Read more

How To Calm A Puppy Down: 7 Steps From Dog Experts

How To Calm A Puppy Down (7 Steps From Dog Experts)

To many pet parents, puppy crazies doesn’t seem like a big issue. However, if a puppy’s overexcitement isn’t curtailed, it can progress to other undesirable behaviors. It could also cause your pup to not listen to you even when it grows. Often, this is a recipe for disaster. Hence, you need to learn how to … Read more

Why Are Chihuahuas So Aggressive? (15 Tips To Stop It)

Why Are Chihuahuas So Aggressive (15 Tips To Stop This Behavior)

Being the smallest breed in existence today, the Chihuahua has a lot of admirers, making them a popular choice. However, the size can sometimes blind pet parents to the aggressive side of this breed. A canine example of “small but mighty,” the Chihuahua can snap at visitors and even stand against dogs bigger than it. … Read more

Dutch Shepherd vs. German Shepherd: What Is The Difference?

Dutch Shepherd vs. German Shepherd - What Is The Difference

The German Shepherd is amongst the most popular dogs in the United States and worldwide. Many other less popular Shepherd dog breeds are mistaken for it. One of these is the Dutch Shepherd, a herding dog from the Netherlands.  When compared, the Dutch Shepherd vs. German Shepherd has a lot in common, just like the … Read more

How To Train Your Dog To Ignore Other Dogs (Pro Tips)

How To Train Your Dog To Ignore Other Dogs (Pro Tips)

Dogs are fun to walk with. You could take time to enjoy the outdoors, do some brainstorming, and keep yourself fit while giving your pooch the daily exercise it needs. However, this peaceful activity can be ruptured when your dog meets another dog. It pulls at the leash, lunges, and barks. This could be detrimental … Read more

15 Amazing Benefits Of Exercise For Dogs

Amazing Benefits Of Exercise For Dogs

Dogs can’t stay without exercise, and a lack of it is detrimental for them in many ways. As a pet parent, understand that you have signed an imaginary exercise contract the day you bring a puppy home, regardless of its energy level. Why, though? Why is exercise important for dogs? The answer lies in its … Read more